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Don’t become your own worst enemy

I can't say it loud enough or often enough. The majority of problems which law enforcement officers are called to resolve stem from people failing to listen to one another while being too quick to argue and much too quick in becoming angry.

One doesn't have to look very long on the internet to see examples of this problem. Most recently the City of Portland, Oregon had to contend with two groups of people who become so angry that it took riot police to restore order.

Now, before you say that can't happen here, I will remind you that it only takes two people to fight.

Neighbor disputes, domestic disturbances, juvenile threats, road rage, harassment ... all of these are examples of people refusing to listen, refusing to respect each other and demanding that they are right and that they should get their way.

If everyone took just a little more time to listen and a few deep breaths before speaking, I would expect that there would be far few problems in our lives.

Don't become your own worst enemy. Listen, forgive and work towards solutions.

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT: Kids had a lot of fun at the event intended to promote police-community partnership and neighborhood camaraderie. We had a good crowd. Thanks!

Minneota Police Chief Bill Bolt

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