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From the Mascot Files: 75, 50, and 25 years ago

75 Years Ago-Sept. 11, 1942

Minneota wins 6 to 5

Blaming Sanders, Hadley’s hurler, for their defeat August 30, in the seventh regional baseball series, the Minneota club concentrated on him here Sunday and drove him out of the box in the third inning, Although he had struck out three men, the Minneotans garnered six hits and two walks off him up to that point and scored five runs. Minneota scored one more run off pitcher Pipgras, and Hadley made five runs during the balance of the game to bring the final score to 6 to 5 in favor of Minneota. The final game between Hadley and Minneota will be played Sunday, September 13 at the Marshall Legion field.

Plane spotters organize

A meeting of Lyon county men and women at which the Airplane Spotting Service for this county will be discussed has been called for September 14 at the Little Theatre in Marshall. Minnesota is considered a very critical area and it is necessary that the service be organized as soon as possible. Mr. Stanwood, county director, has established observation posts in every township in Lyon county, six miles apart. He has appointed a chief observer and an alternate for each post and now needs observers to man the posts 24 hours per day. Sign Up Now!

Local newsboys win free state fair trip

John Leland, Rolland Falk and Virgil Johnson, who carry papers for the Minneapolis Star Journal, the Tribune and the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, respectively, enjoyed free all-expense trips to the state fair last weekend as guests of the publishers. They were awarded the prize for meeting a high sales quota. John and Rolland went down on the train Friday night, returning on Monday morning. Virgil left on Thursday morning and came home on Friday night. The boys were met at the depot by representatives of their hosts, who put them up at a big hotel during their stay-over, and escorted them each day to the fairgrounds, where they were given passes and pocket money and turned loose.

50 Years Ago-Sept. 14, 1967

Year-old boy killed

Tuesday in farm mishap Jerald Joseph Laleman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Etien Laleman, 1 1/2 years of age, was fatally injured on Tuesday morning, September 12, at 11:40 when a pickup truck his father was using in grinding feed backed over him. Mr. Laleman had the pickup with a load of corn on it and the children were in the truck. Mr. Laleman sent the children to the house and then backed the pickup up to the grinder, unaware that Jerald had returned to the truck. Jerald was taken to the hospital in Marshall where he died five minutes after arrival.

Fire Sunday destroys barn on Canby farm

Porter and Canby fire departments were called to the Peter Lauck farm, three miles south and a mile east of Canby when a large barn was destroyed by a fire which, in the high wind, also threatened other nearby buildings. The Lauck family was not at home when the fire started and arrived on the scene only moments ahead of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Vlaminck and Stanley Kosmalski, who were driving in an auto not too far away, saw the flames and came to investigate.

Designs novel grill

Marvin Fredricks, barbecuing with Richard Anderson watching, does his outdoor cooking on a grill he designed because he read some time ago about the dangers of fat from the meat falling into the fire and being suspected of causing cancer. The fire of the grill sits in the center in a v-shaped trough, the way Fredricks designed the cooking outfit, and the meat hangs alongside, clamped between two holders, similar to an old-time, open fire toaster. It is also designed in such a way that Fredricks can cook most anything-from a couple of hamburgers to half a calf-and nary a bit of fat drips into the fire.

25 Years Ago-Sept. 9, 1992

New Positions in the Public Elementary and High School, and St. Edward’s Catholic School

The Minneota Public Elementary school have new teachers. They are: Kevin Hedstrom, 6th grade teacher; Sue Buysse, full time 3rd grade teacher; Patti Kruger, 6th grade teacher; and Principal Jerry Weber. The new High school teachers are: Christopher Shuckhart, full time Social Studies and English teacher; Jill Boehne, Assurance of Mastery and study hall; Connie Johnson Assurance of Mastery; and Heidi Boerboom, full time physical education and mathematics teacher. The new 2nd grade teacher at St. Edward’s is Melissa DeBaere. Signs made to welcome friends Sue Hatlevedt and daughter 6-year-old Amanda, just made signs to welcome friends to their pumpkin patch. Sue will decorate pumpkins to your specifications-just in time for fall decorating.

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