Minneota from years ago.

From the Mascot Files: 75, 50, and 25 years ago

75 Years Ago-April 30, 1943

Tuberculosis tests here

Since an increase in tuberculosis has been reported in out community a testing program will take place at the public and parochial schools on May 11. Sanatorium doctors will administer the tests, and reading of the results will be the following Friday, May 14.

Surprise blackout

Minneota and the entire northwest will be subjected to a surprise blackout of Friday evening, May 7, sometime between the hours of nine and eleven. The trial blackout is under army jurisdiction. Two army men were here conferring with Chief Air Raid Warden K. E. Jones on Wednesday. The public is warned to take instructions regarding blackout procedure from no one but air wardens or the police.

Women’s stockings to be better

Women’s stockings in the future will wear better and last longer according to the war production board. When stocking production begins to roll under the new regulations, women will notice a very little difference between the new types and those they bought before. They will be just as sheer and there will be as many colors to choose from as before, but they will be more durable.

50 Years Ago-May 2, 1968

Music group wins ‘A’ in Minnesota contest

The Minneota high school music department scored another first last Saturday when the girls’ chorus won an “A” rating at the state contest in Hutchinson. This was the first time in the history of the school a girls’ chorus has achieved this feat. The girls’ group is directed by Shirley Wohlhueter. Three men file for school posts Three men have filed for school board office in the coming school election, which is to be held Tuesday, May 21. The three are Dennis Tomasek, Norbert Lanners, incumbent, who has held a position on the school board for six years and the third is Bernard Tillemans, who has been a member of the board for 21 years. Gets medal Sergeant Donald J. Geurts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Geurts of Minneota, was decorated with the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal at Norton AFB, Calif. Sergeant Geurts received the medal for meritorious service as a chaplain’s aide, while assigned at Phu Cat AB, Vietnam. Deer loves home Tammy, a year-old doe who makes her residence at the Harry Buysse farm north of Minneota, pays visits to neighboring farms in the area but has never failed to return home after one of her social calls. Tammy came to live with the Buysses last May when Mr. Buysse found her in some brush he was piling up. She had just been born and her mother abandoned her. Barbara took over feeding her.

25 Years Ago-April 28, 1993

Speech members do well at State meet

A trio of speech enthusiasts were among the 416 competitors at the 1993 Minnesota State High School League State Speech Tournament at Eagen April 23 and 24. Laurie Anderson placed 6th in her category of Original Oratory, while Kayla Ahern and Nicolle Coequyt did not place.

Moms can fish for free Mother’s Day weekend

Looking for a Mother’s Day idea? How about a fishing trip. Moms can fish for free in Minnesota on Mother’s Day weekend each year, which this year is May 8 and 9.

Not all art is in the Smithsonian Institute

A hand-crafted, made to one-sixth scale model tractor by Melvin Winter of rural Minneota, is on display at the Minneota Manor. This tractor took 1200 hours of shop time, and has a 6.3 cubic inch four cycle, four cylinder water cooled engine. It develops 500 to 1,000 R.P.M. and is rated by the “artist”, Mr. Winter, at 2.5 horse power. The model is also radio controlled.

Minneota Branch Clinic opens

The Minneota Branch of the Canby Medical Center will be open to patients for the first time on Thursday, May 6th. The clinic will be located in the Madison Avenue Apartments Wellness Center until a permanent location is found.

Clowns take a turn at listening

When you see clowns, you usually see them making funny faces using wild gestures, and basically, entertaining a crowd. This group of clowns from the Westerheim 4-H Club, however, were enthralled by the visiting ventriloquist, Jay Schueller, of Marshall. This event was a “share the fun” program held at the Community Center on Sunday afternoon.

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