Minneota in 1914.

From the Mascot Files: 75, 50, and 25 years ago

75 Years Ago-July 9, 1943

Early morning fire routs Bert O’Neal

A fire at seven thirty Tuesday morning routed Bert O’Neal from his home on Washington street. Mr. O’Neal was suffocated by the smoke, and had to be helped out. John Bernardy discovered the fire and tried to put it out with a quilt before the fire department arrived. The house was saved, although the interior was burned.

Joy Theatre

Alan Ladd and Helen Walker in “Lucky Jordan” Walter Pidgeon and Hedy Lamarr in “White Cargo” Red Owl Agency

Store Prices

Corn Flakes - 2 - 11 oz. pkgs. for 15¢ Shredded Wheat - 12 oz. pkg. 10¢ Kool-Aid assorted flavors - 3 pkgs. for 14¢ Northern toilet tissue - 5¢ per roll

50 Years-Ago July 11, 1968

Minneotan, 21, killed in highway 68 crash

Funeral services are to be held at St. Edward’s Catholic church Thursday, morning for Richard William Lanners, 21, who was killed in a car-truck crash about two miles southeast of Ghent late Monday afternoon. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Lanners, who live two and a half miles west of Minneota and was born Sept. 14, 1946.

Red Cross remains on job at Tracy

Red Cross disasters director, Rod Mikkelson, states this week that his organization remains on the job in Tracy and will remain there until the needs of victims who have applied for rehabilitation have been met.

Tracy Tornado Disaster Benefit

Vahalla Resort located on Lake Shetek, 8 miles north of Slayton, MN on Wednesday, July 17. Program consists of the following: Roller Skating, Teen rock and roll, Modern Adult Dancing. All ticket sales go to the benefit.

Improvement at fire station

Members of the Taunton Fire Department spent an evening last week installing a pipe which is to be used to carry water outdoors from the indoor cistern at the fire station. Larry Kosmalski, Duane Sarbaum, Gerald Langsweirdt, Max Kosmalski, George Maertens, Phil Breyfogle and Ed Polfliet installed a pipe so that trucks could be loaded with water without being driven into the “fire barn”. A pump inside is used to pump water from a well into the 70,000 gallon cistern and another pump, new, has been installed to carry the water from the building outdoors.

25 Years Ago-July 7, 1993

Community receives extensive hail damage

Minneota was on the “receiving end” of a hail storm that passed through the area last Thursday evening, and vehicles, trees and houses took the brunt of the damage. Crops were destroyed by the Schreiber Brothers farm west of Minneota. Farmers in the area were having a “hard enough” time contending with the flooded, washed out and then replanted fields without having to deal with hail damage.

Getting ready for California trip

These FLA/FHA members and their Advisor will be leaving for Anaheim, California, this week for the FLA/FHA National Convention: Laura Engels, Jennifer Flood, Sheri Tillemans, Nicki Coover, and Advisor Marlene Lien.

Earns Second place in speaking contest

Jessica Nuytten of rural Minneota is shown above with Harlan Jacobs, Jewish Community Relations Council, Anti-Defamation League of Minnesota and Dakotas, as she is congratulated on her second place finish in the Public Speaking Contest. Jessica’s presentation was entitled “Tossed Salad.”

Canby Theatre

“The Firm” with Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman “Weekend at Bernie’s 2” with Andrew McCarthy Jonathan Silverman and Terry Kiser

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