Mascot photo of the January 1969 blizzard

From the Mascot Files: 75, 50, and 25 years ago

75 Years Ago-January 28, 1944

Carl and Abner Amundson buried here

Thursday Carl and Abner Amundson, brothers, and sons of the late Greggar and Anna Amundson, were buried on Thursday afternoon of this week at Hope Lutheran cemetery here. Carl Amundson died Thursday, January 20, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His brother, Abner, died on Saturday, January 22, at a Marshall hospital.

To bury Peterson child here on Sunday

Funeral services for Lynn Norris Peterson, 5 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Peterson, will be held at the First English Lutheran church at Canby on Sunday.

Minneota Joy Theatre

My Friend Flicka starring Roddy McDowall, Preston Foster, and Rita Johnson; Sahara starring Humphrey Bogart

Rain falls

Thursday January’s remarkable weather continued this week when the temperature hit the high mark of 60 on Tuesday. Wednesday it dropped to a low of 31. It snowed a little Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning the temperature went up and it began to rain.

50 Years Ago-January 30, 1969

8.25 inches snow in week; blizzard isolates community

A three-day blizzard which started last Wednesday afternoon and lasted until Saturday morning and additional snow on Sunday and Monday continued the pattern that Mother Nature has followed here for the past 49 days-since December 12th.

Winter of ‘36: water in tank frozen solid

Weather this winter may be worse than that of ‘36 when it comes to snow, but it won’t equal that of 33 years ago when it comes to intense cold-when water in the water tank was frozen into one huge chunk of ice.

Farmers reminded of wage change

Farmers are reminded that the minimum wage in covered farm employment advances from $1.15 to $1.30 and hour on February 1.

Canby Theatre

A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die starring Alex Cord Arthur Kennedy and Robert Ryan Rosemary’s Baby starring Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes

25 Years Ago-January 26, 1994

“New” Dr. at the Minneota Medical Center

Dr. Thomas Ho, who recently joined the medical staff at Divine Providence Health Center, Inc., of Ivanhoe, will be working in partnership with Dr. Mary Jane Bird at the Minneota Medical Center.

Sno-Ball Royalty at the high school

Chad Lozinski, son of Ed and Vicki Lozinski and Julie Schwartz, daughter of Sandy and Bill Doyscher, are the 1994 Sno-Ball King and Queen. Both are seniors at Minneota High School. The candidates included Kim Fier, Jenny Schwartz, Luke Ahlschlager and Paul Nuytten from the freshmen class; Justina DeSmet, Janice Myhre, Bruce Laleman and Mark Myrvik from the sophomore class; Jami Rolbiecki, Rhonda Verschelde, Bjorn Hunt and Duane Kockelman from the junior class; and Nicolle Coequyt, Julie Schwartz, Chad Lozinski and Rick Myhre from the senior class.

Canby Theatre

Pelican Brief starring Julia Roberts; Sister Act Part II starring Whoopie Goldberg

Wrestlers making history

These five Minneota High School wrestlers earned recognition from “The Guillotine”, Minnesota’s amateur wrestling newspaper. All earned patches for their career wins. Matt Myrvik earned a 60-win patch, Brady VanVooren earned a 60-win patch, Shawn Vlaminck earned a 60-win patch, Kevin Fier won a 75-win patch and Jason Fier won a 100-win patch. Jason becomes the first wrestler in Minneota’s history to ever cross the 100-win hurdle.

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