Gretta Buysse and LillyLilly

Bay away, Lilly

Several community members shopping in the Minneota business district on Saturday heard the loud baying of a dog and wondered where it was coming from. Upon further inspection, I found the source. It was coming from Lilly, a 10-year-old bloodhound rescue dog owned by Tim and Sue Buysse of rural Minneota. "It's really Gretta's dog," Sue said about her daughter. Sue, accompanied by Gretta, parked her pickup in front of City Hall Bar and Grill while they ran some errands. Customers dining inside City Hall were amused as several kids petted Lilly, but when they stopped petting, the dog would tip back her head and bellow loudly. Lilly often sits in the back of the pickup and waits patiently as her family runs into town for some errands. Mascot photos by Scott Thoma

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