Prom goers had fun with the expressive march following the Grand March. Front, left to right: Cole Myhre, Isaac Pohlen and Anthony Rybinski posed as caddies for their dates, back row, left to right: Jeren Rost, Morgan Noyes and Avigail Butterfield. Brooke Moorse, right, and her escort Tyler Syring arrived at the school prior to the Grand March. Ellen Meagher, right, was escorted by Alex Josephson.Ireland Stassen, right, was escorted by Zeke Monzon. Ella Johnson, right, and her escort Peyton Gillund.Devyn Hansen, left, and Jackson Lacek having some fun during the post-Grand March. Carlos Martinez, left, Logan Schuelke and Diana Castillo brought some bubble fun to the Grand March. Kenadi Arndt, right, and her escort Zack Fier. Layne Loyson, left, and his prom date Camry Swanson, with other couples trailing them, arrive at the school to prepare for the Grand March. 
McKenna Yost, left, and Kennedi Jurrens showcased baby chicks in towels during the post-Grand March walk. Kaitlyn Ludwikowski, right, and her escort was escorted by Logan Schuelke.


Minneota Prom Grand March attracts standing-room only crowd

A standing room only crowd was on hand to watch the Grand March for the Minneota High School Prom in the gymnasium on Saturday.
The theme this year was "Enchanted Forest" and the gym was beautifully decorated with a lighted walkway through a makeshift forest.
Prior to the Grand March, the prom-goers did a "drive-by" past the school for those standing outside the front doors awaiting the start of the event.
Once inside, the lights were dimmed and many of those in attendance that filled both side of the bleachers cheered as emcees Kim Gades and Keven Larson introduced each of the 55 couples and one individual.
When the students had completed their Grand March, it was time to let their hair down and go for one more walk in an expressive way, much to the delight of those in attendance.
The lead group came out strutting with a large boom box and were followed by students in a variety of costumes, themes and smiles.
Candy was thrown to the kids and strewn across the gym floor. Some students were blowing bubbles, tossing rose petals, dressing up in costumes such as pigs, cowboys, wedding attire, cowboys and more.
Cole Myhre, Anthony Rybinski and Isaac Pohlen walked the trail toting golf bags with clubs while wearing white overalls as though they were caddying for their dates, Jeren Rost, Morgan Noyes (of Canby) and Avigail Butterfield (Lakeview). Their overalls had the surnames of their dates on the back like professional caddies wear.
Five of the girls who were involved in the post-Grand March carried live baby chicks in towels throughout the Enchanted Forest. The chicks were purchased at Runnings in Marshall prior to the Grand March. The chicks were then given to a classmate who raises chickens on her family's farm.
After the completion of the Grand March, the students then boarded a bus for the post-prom at Dale and Heidi Fier's Heritage Event Center south of Taunton. The post-prom included games, hay rides, a bonfire, snacks, a hypnotist, and much more.
It was definitely an enchanted evening.

Ava Larson, right, and her escort Joe Verschelde

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