Isaac Hennen is all smiles in his new job with the Hudson Valley Renegades, a Class A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Hennen begins job at Yankees' affiliate

Working in ticket sales office with High Class A team

Even though Isaac Hennen is firmly seated at his desk in the office of the Hudson Valley Renegades, the New York Yankees' minor league affiliate, there is a memento sitting nearby that shows where his heart is still at.
Perched on a shelf directly in front of him is a miniature Minnesota Vikings helmet.
"I've always been a Twins fan, but I don't have a helmet for them, so I put my Vikings helmet there instead," he explained.
He might be better off not putting a Twins' helmet in an enemy camp.
Hennen, a 2018 graduate of Minneota High School, graduated in December from South Dakota State University with a degree in Sports Management and Recreation. He interned for three weeks with the Minnesota Vikings' camp in Eagan this summer and has worked in marketing with SDSU in both football and basketball.
Hennen also gained valuable experience working for Dale Fier at the Heritage Event Center south of Taunton in the summer."I really learned a lot from him about how to run an event and how to make preparations that you don't think about," Hennen said. "He takes a lot of pride in his work, and he is very organized."
One of Hennen's friends that he met while working in Eagan this summer was the equipment manager for the University of Alabama football team that captured the national championship last year.
"He landed a job with the New York Jets and invited me out to New York for a job fair in late October," Hennen told. "All the various professional teams from New York were at the fair and it was a good place to look for a job."
Hennen decided to make the trip to New York, but soon realized there were many others with the same aspirations. Each of the professional teams had their own booth and would take applications and conduct a brief interview on the spot.
"There were 500 or more people looking for jobs," laughed Hennen, who was making his first trip ever to New York. "It was a popular place with super long lines for the major sports teams."
Hennen decided to get in line with the Renegades, a High-Class A affiliate of the Yankees.
"I had done a little research on them and found out that five or six people that work in the front office were from Minnesota," he noted. "I met some of them and mentioned that I was from Minnesota. They thought it was cool that I flew from Minnesota for this job fair."
Hennen filled out an application and talked briefly with Renegades personnel. At the beginning of November, he and 30 other applicants took part in a virtual preliminary interview. A couple of weeks later, Hennen received a second interview, and a week later was offered the job of account executive.
"I talked it over with my family and thought about it a little bit and decided to take the job," Hennen said. "Basically, I sell season tickets, as well as group tickets to businesses. We have 66 home games, and we sell full season ticket packages or partial packages."
The Renegades' office is located at the stadium in Fishkill, NY, which is 75 miles north of New York City.
Hennen and his father, Wayne, loaded up Isaac's belongings from his SDSU apartment in a U-Haul and drove to New York, arriving on Jan. 4.
"We towed my car behind the U-Haul," Hennen said. "Now I can get around here."
Hennen's first day on the job was Jan. 10.
"The one thing that surprised me the most about New York is how nice the people have been," he said. "You hear all these things about how people aren't friendly here. But the people I have interacted with have been super nice and they have the same values. I think I made the right choice to come here."

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