Clean out your closets and bring your shoes, boots, sandals, and other footwear that you no longer wear to Hope Lutheran Church for a good cause.
Giving away gently worn footwear will help to provide shoes for someone that needs them, or the more worn or even single shoes and other footwear will be used for playground resurfacing, instead of ending up in a landfill.
Hope Lutheran Teen Power is collecting footwear now through Easter of 2023 and taking the proper ‘steps’ in making sure that footwear is put to good use. The donated footwear will be delivered to St. Cloud, Minnesota. A few years ago, one of the employees at the drop-off point, Schuler Shoes in St. Cloud shared with the group that after the footwear is donated, the shoes are paired and sorted, and the footwear goes to four different places.
The newer ones may be donated to the shelter food shelf and then sold at shelters for $5, with the money then being donated to the shelter food shelf. Some of the shoes stay in Minnesota with a program called “Shoe Away Hunger,” and some go to other countries where they are needed for people without shoes. The rest, if pretty worn out, or are singles, are shredded and used for playground surfacing of rubber mulch.

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