No, this isn't Dottie Hinson and her sister Kit Keller of the Rockford Peaches in the popular "A League of Their Own" film, although Alexis, 10, left, and Ivy Thostenson, 6, looked the part while donning these women's baseball outfits for the annual Trunk or Treat event in the St. Edward's School parking lot on Saturday morning. 
Rhonda Buysse was one of several vehicle owners who passed out treats to over 250 costumed children Saturday during the local Trunk or Treat. Chassidy DeRoode of Ghent constructed this oversized COVID mask out of a bedsheet, while also making the large eyes that she affixed to the windshield for Trunk or Treat on Saturday. 
Parker Kern waited to see what he caught at the fishing trunk as Kaitlyn Ludwikowski helped him land it. Taking a break from their delivery duties, Titan Fier, as a UPS driver, and Talia Fier, as an Amazon worker, were hoping to pick up a few treats. Mascot photo by Scott ThomaJanet Differding, left, and Rhonda Buysse passed out treats and hot coffee from their Polar Express-themed vehicle. At the Whoville-themed trunk is Samantha Hammer, left, holding her daughter Hattie (The Grinch) while her daughter Hazel (Cindy Lou Who) stands in front of her. Kelsey Buysse is holding her son Beckett (Max the dog).

If you bring treats, they will be there

Over 250 costumed kids visit Trunk or Treat event

A nearly perfect October morning helped entice over 250 costumed kids to the back parking lot of the St. Edward's School for the annual Trunk or Treat event.
The event, which was cancelled last year because of COVID restrictions, was sponsored by Parent Excited About Catholic Education (PEACE).
Around 10-12 vehicles were on hand to pass out treats and each was decorated in a different theme.
"What a beautiful day," said one person after another as they walked with their children from vehicle to vehicle to fill their treat bags with goodies.
The temperature reached 60 degrees with sunshine and little wind. The event was held from 10:30 a.m. to noon.
The costumes this year were among the most unique since Trunk or Treat was started a few years ago.
There were Vikings, monsters, witches, dinosaurs, animals, cartoon characters, super heroes, delivery drivers, athletes, and much more. Many of the parents joined in the fun and dressed in costumes, too, as did those passing out treats.
The vehicles were also unique. Chassidy DeRoode made an oversized COVID mask out of a bedsheet and placed it on the front portion of her vehicle, along with two giant eyes on the windshield, making it look like a person donning the mask.
Sam Hammer and Kelsey Buysse made the back of their vehicle into Whoville from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" film, complete with their children dressed as Cindy Lou Who, The Grinch, and Max the dog.
"Christmas and Halloween are my two favorite holidays, so we just combined them," said Buysse.
Next to them was a Polar Express themed vehicle run by Rhonda Buysse and Janet Differding, who even passed out coffee to the parents. The sign in front of their vehicle said "One way ticket to heaven: Jesus" in reference to the Polar Express film's ticket to the North Pole.
Julie Pohlen's vehicle featured a Plinko game, a scaled-down version of the one seen on The Price is Right game show, with point values determining the treat passed out.
Kaitlyn Ludwikowski, who was this year's Boxelder Bug Days queen, seemed to be having as much fun as the kids with a fishing theme in which kids would reel in their prize from behind a makeshift wall that looked like a lake.
Even the Lyon County Sheriff's Department was on hand to pass out stickers to the kids from the back of their vehicle.
Great weather, a great turnout, and a great time was had for all.

Icelandic Vikings Bryce and Alex Gorecki had a good time filling their treat bags at Trunk or Treat in Saturday. Mascot photo by Scott Thoma

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