Kids line the streets on a snowy Friday night to wave to Santa Claus as he rides by on a Minneota Fire Department truck.

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Santa parades through town aboard fire truck as snow blankets area

With snow falling, smiling children stood on street corners waving to Santa Claus as he rode by in a fire truck. The scene was reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting.
It was actually the second annual Santa Claus parade sponsored by the Minneota Fire Department.
Last year's Santa Parade was held on a bitter cold and windy night. This year, 4.5 inches of snow fell as the trucks paraded through several streets in town.
"I'm glad they didn't cancel it," said one parent. "It looked like Christmas with all the snow. And my kids really had a good time. They love fire trucks and they love Santa. So this was perfect."
Homeowners waved from their front porch or from their front windows. Children, bundled up for the first winter snowstorm, gathered along the streets to shout and wave as St. Nicholas came by with the fire trucks lights flashing and the horn blaring.
The fire trucks' lights reflected off the descending snowflakes and were visible for several blocks away.
Following the parade, the Minneota Fire Department hosted a meet-and-greet photo opportunity with Santa, aka Greg DeVos, who has been playing Santa Claus for the past 28 years.
There was also a hot chocolate bar for visitors to enjoy and activities for the children.
The Minneota Fire Department issued a release in which its stated how grateful they are for the community it serves and would like to use this opportunity to say "thank you".

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