January freeze not over yet

Warm weather could soon be replaced by another arctic blast

Mark Twain once wrote "Everybody talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it."
Well, we certainly would if we could. Especially during the frigid cold spell, we had to endure recently.
KSTP-TV meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas predicts the worst of the cold is still yet to come and we can expect -25 below lows over the last week of January.
"The brutal cold was caused by a strong polar jet stream that literally kept the bitter cold Arctic air enclosed within 800 miles of the North Pole from September thru December as the winds of the polar jet stream were very strong," said KSTP-TV meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas. "Once the polar jet stream winds became weaker over Alaska in December, this allowed polar air to move as far south as Hawaii in early December, producing a severe blizzard on top of the Hawaiian volcanoes and record lows in Honolulu.”
"The sub-tropical jet stream which typically runs from Hawaii to California and along the southern United States then combined to form Intense winter storms from California to Minnesota in late December, and now the southern and eastern United States. Behind the storms is arctic air," he said.
There were no record lows set in the Minneota area during the recent January cold spell, but a few record highs were set in November and December.
It warmed to a high of 30 degrees in Minneota on Saturday. But then returned to bitter cold on Sunday and Monday with wind-chill being minus-19 on Sunday and minus-21 on Monday.
Yuhas expects this bitter cold trend to dominate, except for occasional brief warmups, from now until early February. One of those brief warmups began on Tuesday (Jan. 11) with a high of 39 degrees. Wednesday's forecast called for a high of 34 degrees, while Thursday and Friday are expected to be in the low 30s. The cold weather is expected to return again next week.
"Polar vortex is trying to develop over Hudson Bay and can create prolonged periods of bitter cold over all of the United States and Canada east of the Rocky Mountains from January through March.
"Personally, I think milder Pacific air returns to Minnesota in mid-February and be ready for active spring tornado season in Minnesota."

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