This statue has been ordered by Legion Commander Jim Fink and will be placed in Veterans Park.

Military statue to be placed in Veterans Park

Depicts Army soldier carrying wounded comrade on his back

Jim Fink, who was instrumental in Minneota having one of the top parks in the state that honors military veterans, has another project in mind that will make Veterans Park even more impressive.
The plans calls for the addition of one to four life-sized military statues to be mounted in the park.
"I've ordered one already with funds we have left," Fink said. "There are four statues to the set and I would really like to get all four of them put in the park, but I won't be disappointed if we can't make it work."
Each military statue is made out of concrete and has a bronze coating on them. The one that will be placed in Veterans Park is called "No One Left Behind" and features a soldier carrying another wounded solider on his back. It is an inspiring monument that will be a welcome addition to the park.
The statues are made in Sioux Falls.
The other three statues in the set feature a female veteran, as well as a U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine soldier.
The cost of each statue is $3,500 and Fink is hoping the public will contribute to the latest project, as well as getting the farmers to contribute by planting donated corn or bean seeds and then donating proceeds from their harvest of those seeds. Many locals farmers donated to Veterans Park's pavers project in this same way.
Fink is hoping to get the first statue in place in the park by Veterans Day on Wednesday, Nov. 11.
PAVERS CAN BE PURCHASED: Pavers to honor or memorialize a veteran can be purchased for $150 for a cut finish or $175 for a polished paver. You can pick up your application at the City Office and make your check out to the City of Minneota.
If anyone would like to purchase a paver or contribute to the military statues, make checks out to the City of Minneota and send them to: City of Minneota, 129 E 1st St., Minneota, MN 56264.
If you have any questions, contact the City Office at 507-872-6144 or Jim Fink at 507-828-6183.

This statue has been ordered by Legion Commander Jim Fink and will be placed in Veterans Park.

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