Emily Hoffmann, Darwin Dyce and Pete Lothringer of "Kindred Spirits" will be among those performing at the Opera Hall in April.

Music to Opera Hall's ears

Dyce arranges for groups to perform 'live music' in historic room in April

With a desire to "encourage the re-emergence of live music", Darwin Dyce is organizing a musical event at the historic Opera Hall in Minneota.
The event, called Kindred Spirits and Friends, is scheduled to be on stage Sunday, April 24 and will run from 2-4 p.m. Dyce, his daughter, Emily Hoffmann, and guitar player Pete Lothringer are the members of Kindred Spirits.
"I am humbled to be playing with Pete, a most excellent guitar player, composer and well-trained musician," said Dyce. "Emily has an impressive array of singing experience and brings me joy hearing her adding her voice to any songs we do."
Dyce also has other reasons he wants to bring music to the Opera Hall.
"One reason is we need to find ways to build community despite our differences and music is a universal language," he said. "Another reason is that I am proud of the work that has been done to the Opera Hall by the members of the Society for the Preservation of Minneota's Heritage (SPMH). They have done amazing work restoring the Opera Hall. People need to know what treasures are in the community."
Among those who will be performing at this event will be Dyce and Hoffmann, whose music is rooted in jazz and blues. Visiting musicians include a group from Granite Falls and Watson and another group who has been performing in the Montevideo area for several years. The groups will be offering a variety of music ranging from rock to folk and original compositions.
Darwin and Emily performed during the Opera Hall Old-Fashioned Christmas event this past holiday season. Dyce, who is self-taught on the flute, played several Christmas songs on that instrument while Emily lent her voice to entertain those in attendance. Dyce had formal training in the trumpet that played for 20 years with the Route 68 Big Band, although he no longer plays that instrument.
Dyce posed the idea of a live music venue with SPMH president Wendy Sarazyn, who played piano at the Old-Fashioned Christmas. Sarazyn shared their discussion with the current SPMH board members, who were supportive of the idea.
"Following the Christmas event, I shared with Wendy how impressed I was with the revitalized space (in the Opera Hall) and indicated how fun it would be to bring the community into the space and hear some of our music."
Dyce will also be performing as part of a trio called "Happy to Be Here" at the Artist Opening Display at the SMAC in Marshall from 5:30-6:30 p.m. on March 10.

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