Audyn Traen and Stella Gorecki with their scarecrow "Farmers Jimmy and John". "Fisher Billy" was built by Noah Myhre and  Sebastian Bothun. Charles Myhre and Kaitlyn Gorecki (not pictured) were the creators of "Farmer Fill".This scarecrow creation called "4-H Dog Show" was made by Addyson Pohlen and Debbie Beisler."The Headless Horseman" was the scarecrow that Reed Sorenson and Brisbyn Traen put together.

Scarecrows adorn St. Edward's School

3rd, 4th graders build five exhibits in front of school

The third and fourth grade students came running out the front door at St. Edward's as though school were letting out for the summer.
Each student was flashing a wide smile as they raced to five scarecrows exhibits adorning the front of the school. Following close behind was their teacher, Mrs. Robin Traen.
The students each stopped at the exhibit they constructed to have their photo taken next to it. They all seemed proud of their projects, as evidenced by the wide smiles on their faces.
The scarecrow constructions came after Mrs. Traen read her students a short story called "The Scarebird" by Six Fleischman, as she has done in past years. The story centers around a farmer who makes a scarecrow that he refers to as a scarebird. The scarecrow soon becomes the lonely farmer's companion out on the farm.
"The students were then put into pairs to decide how they would like to make their scarecrows," Mrs. Traen said. "The students decide what they need for their scarecrow and bring it from home."
The students worked on the scarecrows, which are propped up against trees in the front of the school on West Fourth Street, for a week and just recently completed them.
"It was so much fun," said Addyson Pohlen.
The other students at St. Edward's then vote on the scarecrow that they like the best.
"The students have a great time doing this," said Mrs. Traen. "We do it every year, so all of the kids get a chance to make a scarecrow."
The students then name their scarecrow exhibits. The five are: "The Headless Horseman", "Farmer Fill", "Billy Fisher", "Farmers Jimmy and John", "4-H Dog Show".

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