This quilt, made by the Sew & So Club of Island Lake Township in 1938, now hangs on the wall at the Minneota Senior Center. This is a portion of another large quilt currently in possession of the Senior Center. It was made in 1925 by women of the former Saints Cyril and Methoduis Catholic Church of Taunton.

Sew much history on wall at Senior Center

Eighty-three years ago, 24 members of the Ladies of the Sew and So Club of Island Lake Township south of Minneota assembled a large quilt that is now a historical showpiece that hangs on the wall of the Minneota Senior Center.
Each member of the group made an identical hand-stitched individual square that was 14" x 14" and included their name and date of birth. Those 24 squares were then hand-stitched together in 1938 to make a 75" x 98" quilt.
The quilt was passed around through the years before finally ending up at the Senior Center's south wall five years ago.
"Lyall and Marlene Buchert donated the quilt to the Senior Center about five years ago," said Joanne Myrvik, who has been the director there for the past 27 years. "We weren't sure what to do with it until someone suggest that we hang it up. And it's been on the wall ever since."
Lyall's grandmother, Marie McDaniel, and his mother, Eileen Buchert, and Marie's sisters, Annie Wilson and Helen Kompelien, were all members of the Sew & So Club that have their name on a square of the quilt.
"My mother had the quilt and when she passed away, I had it," said Lyall, who lives in Deer River. "I don't remember who it was, but someone directed us to Minneota and we took it down there and donated it about 10 years ago.” “We felt that's where it should be."
The 1938 quilt has become a historical showpiece within the Senior Center, overlooking the card players, exercise classes and other events that have been held there in recent years.
Another quilt currently in the Senior Center's possession also has significant historical value. That quilt was sewn together in 1925 by members of the former Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Taunton. All the members of the church from 1925 signed their name on the quilt.
The quilt was in the possession of Delores DeVos of Taunton, who frequents the Minneota Senior Center to play cards.
"When the tore the church down a few years, they were throwing things away and I noticed the quilt in a box so I grabbed it," said DeVos. "It was never finished. It doesn't have a back on it, but it must have been hanging up somewhere in the church because it has loops in the back to hang it by."
Those at the Senior Center are still pondering what to do with this quilt. It may possibly hang beside the Sew & So Co. quilt. That would give the wall even more history.

This is one of the individual squares that make up the entire quilt. Each woman would sew the same 14" x 14" square and then include their name and date of birth. Mascot photo by Scott Thoma

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