Isabel Bruner, Brooke Moorse, Ava Larson, Abby Frie

Students reflect on job training program

Four Minneota students have been participating in Work-Based Learning, which is a collaboration of business employers and the high school.
The four students in the program are Brooke Moorse, Isabel Bruner, Abby Frie and Ava Larson.
David Moriarty supervises the program, while also teaching business classes at the high school here.
"The students supported through the semester in gaining valuable insight into careers of interest," he said. "For example, students are asked to journal daily about their experience, noting what they like and dislike. Feedback and encouragement are provided. Weekly assignments are also given to deepen student learning and add academic rigor to the course."
Work-Based Learning, which is also often to referred to as On the Job Training, provides students the experience of working in a field that relates to the potential career these students are considering. This program also allows students to connect knowledge gained in class with a workplace setting.
"Students enter the program with an idea about a career or interest," Moriarty said. "They are asked to contact local businesses to determine if they are interested in providing on-the-job training, so that part is self-guided. Students also take a career assessment that suggest multiple career options."
The Work-Based Learning typically lasts one semester, although it can last as long as needed.
"In many ways, Work-Based Learning allows students to test drive a career before investing time and money pursuing education without even knowing if they like the job," Moriarty explained. "On-the-job training will enable students to understand that a future career will be a good fit, providing the students with confidence."
Moorse, Bruner, Frie and Larson shared their experiences working with those businesses:

For OJT, I work at Runnings in Canby, and my supervisor is Brenda Alley. I have been working at Runnings in Canby since June 24, 2021.
Through OJT I have been able to connect with more people from both the Minneota and Canby communities and have been given the opportunity to compare them. I have met many different people while working in Canby and have made a lot of connections through my boss and supervisor.
Work-based learning has taught me to be more considerate to those working in retail, mainly for the fact we have to do quite a bit of work to make the store look perfect. Besides adjusting things in the store, we also have to handle customers who come to us with their problems. We end up handling different types of animal feed, car merchandise, paint, gardening, and a lot of toys.
We rearrange the store, give great customer service, and create friendships with each new employee and customer. Working in the smallest Runnings store has given me more opportunities than if I was working in a bigger store.
Work-based learning is getting out into the real world and working at your job site where you see the ins and outs of the job and how it could be in the real world. You get treated as if you were another adult working there, and you are able to see the different dynamics of the job. It’s a really good opportunity for those entering the workforce after high school, or those who want to see if they can work in college.
While working at Runnings, my co-workers and I have had a lot of laughs. A large majority of my co-workers are older and more experienced in the job, so if I were to have a question I know where to go to ask. I really enjoy the people I work with, and the relationships I’ve created with my co-workers will give me laughs for a lifetime.
My plans for after high school are to attend South Dakota State University for Agriculture Education, to hopefully obtain my Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with my teaching certificate.

At my OJT, I helped out with anything the Tri-County Veterinary Clinic in Taunton needed help with. My main supervisor was Trish Bordewyk, although I work with everyone there.
Work-based training helped me grow as a person, because it has shown me great communication skills, and great helping skills. At the vet clinic, I get to see amazing procedures, and I got to help and learn how to help animals in need. Something I really enjoyed on site was getting to see all the cases up close and learning how to help and getting hands-on experience. My favorite part was working with the large animals. Although I love working with the small animals, it was very interesting working with the large animals.
Another great thing was getting to see all the animals coming in. Some were brought in just for shots and others for more serious injuries.
Work-based training is a great way to find jobs that you will be interested in as you get older. Finding a career can be hard for you to do and doing On the Job training is a great way to find the perfect way to find your perfect job.
I have always been interested in working at a veterinary clinic and doing OJT has given me the opportunity to see and work in an amazing clinic with amazing people. At this vet clinic they are great teachers and can answer any questions I have. They also teach me many new things that I had not known about before. They have really helped me with my knowledge of other animals and have helped me understand how to help animals in any situation.
Although there are many great experiences and learning opportunities it is not always easy working with animals. Sometimes there are hard decisions you need to make working with animals, but it is what is best for the animals. Even though it can be a hard choice, it needs to be made even when you don't want to make the choice. Overall, I loved working at the Tri-County Veterinary Clinic.

My work-based learning site was with Sarah Stassen in the 3rd-grade math class at Minneota Public Schools.
I was able to see my learning in practice by letting the student inform me on what they know and go from there. I learned about the different ways that kids learn and how every single one of them has the chance to succeed given the right tools.
At first, I enrolled in this class because I was unsure what I wanted to do with my life after high school. After working with the students and making personal connections with the students, I now know that my calling is to be a teacher because I want to help shape the future, starting with the youth.
The field experience increased my knowledge of the profession to really get a feel of how much work it truly takes to be a good teacher. Mrs. Stassen spends a lot of time perfecting her lessons in and out of the classroom but shows true selflessness in the profession. She truly loves her students and wants to see them succeed every single day. You can see in her work ethic and attitude how much she loves being a teacher. She does endless research to better her understanding of a child’s ability to learn and what helps them learn faster and more efficiently.
I realize that the job is more than teaching children but also building their character and teaching them more than state standards and required curriculum. Teaching is a sacrifice made to shape the future, but with the right mindset and a genuine passion, then we can do more than just give children knowledge.

Ava Larson took on the challenge and enrolled in the “On The Job Training'' class so that she could receive some experience in the classroom to help her make a decision about her future.
Her work-based learning site is in Mr. Larson’s 5th-grade classroom. When Larson graduates from high school, she is still unsure what she wants to do for college, but this class helped her narrow it down a little bit.
“This class has helped me grow as a person by stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit," Larson said. "I also got to grow closer with all of the students.”
Lason is in the 5th-grade classroom right away in the morning from 8-9 a.m. every day. At that time, the 5th graders just have a study hall hour.
“Every day I help the students with whatever homework that they have due," she said. "Sometimes, I even get in a little group with them to help them on their math IXL’s. Something that I really like about being at my work site is just being able to be with the kids and help them in any way that I can."
Larson describes the work-based learning course as a great way to receive experience before going right into the work field.
“I would highly recommend taking this course," she said. "If you are on the fence about going into a certain field, this course helps you get experience from a field of work to help you gain some knowledge about that certain field. During my experience, I have been able to see a little bit more on what actual goes into teaching other than what everyone thinks.”

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