Dylan Tolk, right, and Matt Myhre broadcast a recent Minneota football game from the pressbox at K.P Kompelien Field.

Voice of the Vikings

Tolk provides play-by-play for fall sports

That play-by-play voice you're hearing during livestream of the Minneota Vikings football and volleyball events this season belongs to Dylan Tolk.
Tolk is assisted in volleyball by his sister, Kelsi, and in football by his friend and roommate, Matt Myhre. Both provide color commentary. Another of Tolk's sisters, Meagan, also provided commentary in volleyball recently.
The quality of the livestream provided by Christensen Broadcasting, has improved dramatically from past years, both in terms of the video, graphics and announcing.
"I really enjoy it," said Tolk, who was commissioned to join the Christensen Broadcasting system, an affiliate of KLOH radio out of Pipestone.
Collin Christensen received word from someone that Tolk might be an asset to the team since he played sports in Minneota and would have knowledge of the players and coaching staff.
"Collin called me and said someone gave him my name," said Tolk, a 2015 Minneota graduate who played football and basketball for the Vikings. "Broadcasting was something that never crossed my mind before this."
Tolk traveled to Pipestone for a sit-down meeting with Christensen to talk over all the details.
"I told him I have a full-time job but would dedicate as much time as I could to broadcasting home games and matches," said Tolk, who works for Tolk Graveling Co., operated by his father, Bob.
If he is broadcasting a volleyball match or a football game, Tolk finishes work and then prepares for his evening of broadcasting.
"I don't have a lot of time to study all the opposing teams and the names of the players," he admitted. "Basically, I grab a program when I get there and look through the names and their positions. If I do get a little extra time, I go online and look through their stats so I can tell who their top players are."
Tolk has been doing a stellar job in his rookie season, although not every game has gone without a hitch."Kelsi and I were doing a volleyball match and we didn't realize there was no sound to the broadcast," Tolk laughed. "We did the pre-game show and the first two sets without sound and didn't know it until someone sent me a text to let me know. It was just something that came disconnected."
When broadcasting a volleyball match, Dylan, Kelsi and Meagan will be announcing matches of their younger sister, McKenzie, and niece Emma Bottelberghe, both varsity players for the Vikings. When Matt Myhre is providing help with the football broadcast, he gets a first-hand look at his younger brother, Cole, the starting center for the Vikings.
"I basically got to pick who I wanted to assist me," Dylan said. "They all do a good job. I couldn't do it without them."
Dylan also started an online fitness website where he offers personal training. His website is tolkfitness.com.
"I've always been into fitness," he said. "It's a passion of mine. I started doing it online when COVID hit, and people couldn't go to fitness clubs."
Tolk is unsure if he will be able to broadcast basketball games this winter because he is the Minneota Junior High boys' basketball coach.
"If I can make it work, I will," he said. "If my junior high team is out of town the night the varsity is at home, then I obviously wouldn't be able to work it out."
Christensen Broadcasting can be found at christensenbroadcasting.com.

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