Local artists are opening exciting shop of delights

Beth and Jenny Buysse in their new store.

B Lenore to have Grand Opening on
September 12

By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor

Imagine opening your own shop. Being giddy with excitement and putting your own items on the shelves.
That’s just what Beth Buysse and Jenny Buysse are feeling as they bring their hand-crafted items into the new B Lenore gift store on Jefferson Street.  They are so excited!
“I’ve wanted to have a shop since I was four years old,” said Beth. “Me, too,” said Jenny, “and I used to pretend just that with my dolls.”
The two friends, who happen to also be sisters-in-law, have been taking their crafts to events all over the area, and now they are excited to have a store where they can work out of.
B Lenore, which is at 215 N. Jefferson Street, once housed The Painted Vine.     Shelves, dressers, doors, and other items have been brought in to hold the large collection of items these gals will be selling.
Knowing that they would need an assortment of goods to meet the public’s needs, they have many other folks involved who will be having their items for sale in the store, as well.
“All of our items are hand-crafted,” added Beth, “except the purses. They are not hand made, but are really good looking.”
The dynamic duo make an assortment of doll clothes for the American Girl, Cabbage patch and Barbie dolls, and handmade items for babies. But the items do not stop there.
“We make lots of doll clothes,” said Jenny. “And there are many personal items for babies.”
Jenny added, “We have a number of other artists who have their items for sale.”
Jim Vlaminck makes a number of wooden items, like the bean bag games, and wife Marcia adds hand-sewn clothing.
Wendy Sarazyn makes jewelry and stained glass gifts.
Amanda and Sophie Engels add a different kind of jewelry to the mix.
Rhonda Wiedert of Canby adds sewn goods, fleece items and has an embroidery machine that enables her to add personal touches to items.
Tammy Doom adds a collection of purses.
And Agnes Severson has her line of handmade underwear that she has made and sold for years.
As the young women were putting things in their place, they chatted comfortably. “We just love to craft,” said Beth. “It’s how we relax,” added Jenny.
Beth, a 1996 graduate of MHS, and Jenny a 1990 graduate, have very active lives. Beth is married to Andy and Jenny is married to Eric, and both have children at home. Beth is a Nanny and Jenny is a nurse in the Canby Hospital, a position she’s held for 12 years now. And yet, they find time to make all these wonderful gifts in their spare time.
B Lenore (which is actually Beth’s middle name) will be opening its doors for the public on 9 a.m. Saturday, September 12. They will be open until 3 p.m. that afternoon and then will be open again on Sunday from 9 a.m. until noon.
After the Boxelder Bug Days weekend, B Lenore will be open every Saturday from 9 to 3 for your shopping convenience. Jenny also added, “We will do appointments if folks can’t make it on a Saturday and need items.”
B Lenore, a new gift store in Minneota, opened by two very excited artisans. You’re invited to share in the excitement during their grand opening this weekend.

A Friday night play and tribute to Bill Holm added to calendar
By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor  

A couple of late additions to the Boxelder Bug Days calendar are, indeed, timely and interesting.
The Minneota Opera Hall, in the second floor of The Big Store, will be alive with a William Shakespeare comedy, “The Merry Wives of Windsor” on Friday night.
Justin Helmer will direct the Marshall Stage Company in this presentation which begins at 7:00 Friday night.
Then at 3:00 on Saturday, a formal Tribute to Bill Holm will be celebrated on the main stage near Memorial Park.
In the 1970’s and ‘80s, Bill Holm performed his music and poetry with Minnesota Poetry Outloud, a project funded by the MN State Arts Board. Its mission was “to introduce audiences to the art of poetry and encourage the development of poetry events in small towns of Minnesota.”
One of the outcomes of this project was the beginning of Minnesota’s annual “Poetry in the Park” gatherings, also known as “Picnic in the Park with the Poets”, under the guidance of Daren Gislason. People who attended these sessions will remember poems read by many local writers, and songs by Ralph Larson.
As part of this year’s Boxelder Bug Days celebration, a revival of Poetry Outloud is being presented, featuring some of the poets who participated in the group’s tours in this area; including Howard Mohr, Joe and Nancy Paddock, Phebe Hanson and Cary Waterman.
John Rezmerski, the original coordinator of Poetry Outloud, who has many Minneota connections, will act as master of ceremonies. Tom Guttormsson, Gail Perrizo and Daren Gislason will stand in for Bill Holm, reading some of his poems. Dan Reippel, pianist and teacher at SMSU, will play some of Bill’s favorite music. Wendy Sarazyn will play for the closing number and transition into the Variety Show.
The program will be full of many entertaining poems - old and new - humorous and touching, looking at different facets of rural and small town life.
Poetry Outloud originally appeared in parks, nursing homes, theaters, libraries, and saloons, featuring music and a few magic tricks, besides the poems.
Memorabilia from the late Bill Holm, from the 25 years of Boxelder Bug Days celebrations, and a display on the Icelandic heritage of this community will also be on display in the Community Center on  Saturday and Sunday for all to enjoy.
Ufkin, board discusses water funding with Sen. Klobuchar


Bill Ufkin and Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar told members  of the Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water System (LPRW) board recently that, she’s disappointed in the lack of federal funding for the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System (L&C).
She reiterated her strong support for L&C, saying, “We’re devoted to this project and seeing it through.”  
Bill Ufkin of Minneota, chairman of the board of Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water System met with the the board Sen. Klobuchar  in Luverne on August 25.
“This is a unique project,” Ufkin said. He indicated the Lewis & Clark project was, “Four years behind the funding schedule,” and the board would like to see the federal government get caught up.
The Lewis & Clark project would eventually help Lyon County and the Minneota area.
While it won’t directly serve the area, the water system would serve an area to the south and west and would, “Free up water for our system,” indirectly aiding Lyon County and Minneota.
Minneota, Ghent and Porter are hooked up to the Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water System and while water has been available, the system does not have backup water available.
“We’re operating at the edge of the amount of water we can get out of these well fields,” said Ufkin.
Ufkin was joined by other officials from LPRW, Luverne, Rock County Rural Water District, Worthington and the Minnesota Rural Water Association.
The Minnesota members of L&C shared examples of economic development being stifled due to the lack of water, particularly in the area of value-added agriculture.
They also updated her on the status of construction.  
Klobuchar’s disappointment was with L&C’s FY10 funding being offset because of the stimulus funding the project recently received.
The result was a delay concerning when the Minnesota members will receive water.  
When completed, L&C will benefit over 300,000 people in the tri-state region through its 20 member cities and rural water systems.
LPRW has reserved 1.1 million gallons a day.

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