‘There have been so many great people’ — Rev. Ann Ward
By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor

Rev. Ann Dwelle Ward will be preaching her last sermon at Hope Lutheran on August 16.
That completes six years of service with the congregation. She and husband, John, will be honored at a coffee hour following the 9 a.m. service that day.
Said Pastor Ann, “We have enjoyed all the people and the music opportunities. There have been so many great people to work with here in Minneota.”
Her career began in Waynesburg, Ohio, and then she did interim work at two parishes in Ohio. From there she served for 11 years as an Associate Pastor at St. John’s in Bellville, Texas. She then did a couple more interim stints at Chanhassen and St. James before being called to Hope Lutheran. As she said, “I have been at both big and little churches over the years.”
In talking about Hope’s congregation, Rev. Ward said, “There’s so much potential here. There are so many great people serving in this congregation.”
She also talked about the congregation as being very “traditional” and said “traditions can be a spring board or an anchor”.
Pastor Ward takes many good memories along with her. She said, “All the fun music — both in the church and getting involved in the orchestra (at Southwest Minnesota) and being able to play in musicals in the high school.”
Hope’s Confirmation program has also left Pastor Ward with good feelings.
She said, “The whole Confirmation ministry was fun because it was a new style. We had great groups of people in the guides and managers. There’s a whole community that gets involved with the Wednesday night program. You can plan for it but not predict what’s going to happen.”
While in Minneota, Pastor Ann has enjoyed being active with the Friends of the Library and the Minneota Rotary Club.
She has also played violin in many musical presentations at the high school.
And, she has enjoyed playing with the Southwest Minnesota Orchestra and has been on the Campus Religious Center Board at SMSU, making decisions for the use of their building on campus.
Pastor Ann’s husband has also been involved in the life of Hope Lutheran. He has been an accompanist for the Jubilation Choir and Spirit Singers, and has sung with the Praise Band.
He is also a member of the Glee Club and the SMSU Choir. He’s also the director of the Math Lab and an adjunct teacher at SMSU. The Ward’s will be moving to Marshall.
The community is invited to take part in  the 9 a.m., August 16 worship service, followed by cake and coffee in the fellowship hall.
Lolla ‘Pool’ooza party on Aug. 16
A Lolla”Pool”ooza is planned at your Minneota Swimming Pool on Sunday, August 16...and the whole community is invited!
This is a planned fundraiser for our Minneota Swimming Pool, with proceeds to be used for pool equipment.
C.J.’s will be on hand from 5-8 p.m., selling a roast beef sandwich or hot dog meal for your eating pleasure. And local D.J. Todd Sonnenburg will be cranking out some lively music as a background.
Lots of games are planned, for the youngest and oldest in the gathering. Come and take part in the basketball tournament, or the kiddie fishing pond,  or the 50/50 golf ball toss, and swim race challenges.
The Minneota Swim Team and the lifeguards  are currently selling raffle tickets for some nice prizes and they will toss the tickets in the pool and dive for the winners about 8:00 that night. All of the entries will be dropped into the pool on washers, with Paul Larson, Brad Gillingham, Jesse Nelson and Joe Thostenson agreeing to dive for the winners during the activities.
Another fun activity will be to “dunk your favorite lifeguard” for a buck. Kids should be lined up for this one.
We have a super pool, giving our children lots of opportunity for relaxation during the summer. The water, filtration, heating, and wages all need to be met. Here’s your opportunity to give some support.
A Fairy Tale

brittanyandfairyBrittany Moorse and her beloved ‘Fairy’ return to the Minnesota State Fair, the site of the cow’s birth.

By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

This is a “Fairy Tale,” about a cow named “Fairy,” because she was born at the Minnesota State Fair.
And it’s about her owner, a young lady who wasn’t willing to sit back and simply earn ribbons and trophies — but to jump head first into the world of farm business and agriculture.
This “Fairy Tale,” will probably have a happy ending — but so far, it’s had a spectacular beginning.
“This is my cow Fairy and her mother calved three and a half weeks early at the state fair, so that’s why she’s named Fairy, because she was born at the state fair,” said Bridget Moorse.
Brittany and Fairy will return to the state fair, this time to show what kind of an animal Fairy really is. “It’s really special for me (to return with Fairy to the state fair) because she’s a cow born there and to see the way  she’s grown and that she’s a healthy animal,” Moorse said.
This is her last year in 4-H and she’ll return to South Dakota State University in the fall for her second year of college — so this trip is her last.
She’s far to concerned about her own business to worry about this being her last 4-H trip.
“All the animals here at the fair are owned by me,” she said.
They are all registered and pedigreed animals, she said, adding, “A lot of them out of our own family blood lines that I bought from my uncle so I’ve had them since 2003 when I was 13 and I’ve been making the management decisions on which to bring and what kind of food rations to make and what type of medications to bring,” she said.
She has a “passion” for the dairy industry that won’t let her sit still. She’s in dairy production at SDSU. “The dairy industry is really family oriented  and I come from a large dairy family. Both of my parents are from large dairy backgrounds,” she said.
The family influence really helped  her guide her determination for the dairy industry.
Moorse was the first dairy princess in Lyon County in 20 years and, “It’s very important to me to make people aware of the dairy industry in Lyon County, so I’ve done a lot around Lyon County to bring dairy awareness,” she said.
When she finishes school Moorse would, “Love to come back to the farm,” or, she’d like to work in dairy cattle genetics or dairy cattle  feed rationing.

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