Renville County West to fold team PDF Print E-mail

By Byron Higgin
Mascot Sports Editor

The Renville County West (RCW) football team isn’t going to make it past the fourth game of the year.
The team, composed of players from Renville, Danube and Sacred Heart is halting the varsity season to prevent injury to younger players. In several cases seventh graders have been playing varsity football.
“They are going to pull out of the varsity schedule and play junior varsity games,” said Minneota Athletic Director Harlen Ulrich.

The Jaguars lost their first three games and are hosting Fulda Friday night for homecoming — then will suspend the varsity season.
Minneota was to play Renville County West in the seventh game of the season on Thursday, Oct. 14. Now, that week the Vikings will get a forfeit.
Minneota may replace the RCW game with another team. “We have found one,” said Ulrich.

But the conference is still dealing with the semantics of a team dropping out.
“A forfeit goes down as a win. But if you cancel to play another team, you don’t get the win. So some teams could finish 8-0 and another 7-0 and that creates a problem. So we’re working on this,” said Ulrich. Essentially, if Minneota cancels the RCW game to play a non-conference team, it could mean they’d finish 7-0 in conference and another team could be 8-0 and Minneota would lose out on the conference crown. “We haven’t decided yet what to do,” said Ulrich.
RCW suffered number problems last year and played with just 13 players at the end of the season. While they had over 20 this year — many were very young and susceptable to injury.