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The District #414 School Board approved Policy 902, which pertains to the Use of School District Facilities and Equipment. This is in place to protect both the school and the users of the facility.
The school belongs to the whole community, but we must remember that its main function is to educate the students. All of the activities, club meetings, sports events, etc., are secondary to the educational purpose of the building.

But this policy spells out the rules and regulations to follow in order to use the facility for a proposed function. Everything is very clear and concise, and as the statement says, “The use of public school buildings and grounds is a privilege”.
If one should want to use the school, the first step to take is to fill out a “Facility Use Application” that you get directly from the District Office. This will help to prevent conflicts in scheduling, as all  of the events are scheduled through this office.
The use of the kitchen and dining area are the most crucial. For if a unit intends to use the kitchen, a “licensed kitchen personnel must be on hand to supervise any kitchen use.” A fee of $25.00 per hour is charged for the kitchen use and $15 per hour for cafeteria use. And if custodial help is needed, there is a charge of $25.00 per hour for that service.
Many special considerations are taken into account, however. Such groups as the Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Community Education, Dollars for Scholars and related youth groups are allowed to use the first floor classrooms for meetings without any charge. These must be set up through the District office, and a custodial fee will be charged if necessary.
The use of the building for other community-wide organizations will be considered, as determined by the School District Board. So in many cases, the use of the building is not a problem.
But when the entire building is used, or the gymnasium and facility for tournaments, etc., there will  be charges incurred. And this is only natural - for there will be water use, light use, dehumidification use, and janitorial services needed. These need to be paid for, and the fees cannot come out of the school’s budget.
There are some definite restrictions on the use of the building. They are:
• School facilities cannot be used by an individual, group or organization for an unlawful means. Activities in conflict with city ordinances, stat or federal laws are not permitted.
• Games of chance, or lotteries, raffles or other activities classified as gambling cannot be conducted on school premises without prior approval and/or necessary permits.
• The use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and illegal substances are not allowed in or on Minneota Public School buildings or grounds.
• No use of the school building shall be granted if it conflicts with the regularly scheduled use of the building.
• No school may deny the use of a public school building for the holding of a political party precinct caucus if the school has received a written request for the use of the school building 20 days or more prior to the caucus.
Other rental fees, other than already mentioned, include:
- $20/hour for Computer Lab
- $15/hour for Gymnasium
- $25/month for music room/private lessons
- $10/hour for classroom
If you should want to use the school facilities, you may refer to the school’s website at: for an application form, or stop at the District Office.
This is our school, and we’re all proud of it. If you want to use the school for something special, begin at the District Office well ahead of the planned event so that you have  a clear understanding of the rules and regulations.