Pool needs repair

On Saturday dozens of girls, their parents and fans gathered to watch an outdoor swimming meet at the Minneota Pool.
That’s proof, as Minneota Mayor Paul Larson said, “That the community has determined they want a pool.”
So the city council has taken the need for extensive pool improvements under advisement.
How extensive? As much as $85,000. If they do only part of the job, it could be less.
Bob LaDuke of Signature Aquatics told the council the existing pool filter and heater are in bad shape. LaDuke proposed a double filter system for larger capacity at $45,000 to $49,000 and a heater from $18,000 to $20,000.
Other possible items would include an “Auto Fill for the main pool,” and a chlorine system for the main and wading pools.
Councilman Tony Esping asked, “If we did all this, what would we have?”
“The outside of your pool is excellent,” said Nick Nowacki of USAquatics of Delano. “The shell is in very good condition,” he added.
The city council will take the repair issue under advisement.