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“We’re a unique combine company so that’s why we made a unique toy,” chuckled Shawn Boerboom.
Unique — now maybe that’s an understatement.
Ever see a “custom designed combine before?”
Most folks haven’t, so when Boerboom, of Minneota, drove the combine specially designed by the “Chrome Shop Mafia” of Joplin, MS and “Trick My Truck” TV fame and made quick stops for water, he found he couldn’t get out of towns like Pipestone because everyone wanted to take pictures.
As regional manager for “Machinery Link,” of Kansas City, Boerboom gets the honor of taking the high-priced toy to places like “Farmfest” near Redwood Falls, and even the Belgian-American Days parade in Ghent.

(More story and photos in this week's Mascot, 8-5-2009)