Need fixin'? Call Monte PDF Print E-mail

Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor

“Basically, what I do is fix junk,” said Monte Yeo.
The Minneota Village “Smitty” has been in the blacksmith business for about 20 years and sees a change in what needs fixing.
With the change in economy, “people are fixing instead of replacing,” added Yeo, which means a more hectic schedule for him. At this point, he’s about two months away from getting big jobs done.
He added, “You have to pick and choose what goes in and what comes out.”
He has work to do on a corn picker, but knows he had a little more time on that. But one piece of equipment was needed now, so it was done. But he tries to be very fair with his customers.
“You have to work on a time line,” added Yeo, “and treat your customers all the same. That’s all that I can do.”


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