Living Services to take reins PDF Print E-mail

By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor  

The impending sale of the Minneota Manor Health Care Center is in progress, moving from the ownership of Richard Erickson to the Living Services Foundation, and Jennifer Kamstra, Chief Operating Officer of Living Services.
“We’ve been very fortunate,” Erickson said.
“We had good support from the community and churches, and good staff to work there. It’s been a good experience.”
Erickson has owned the  Minneota Manor since 1981. It was an 87-bed facility.
The Living Services Foundation’s interest in the Minneota Manor came about because, “We just think it’s a great facility,” said Jennifer Kamstra. “There are great people there and they provide really good care to the residents. We want to come in and be a part of what is already going on. We’re really looking for a good fit.”

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