Retirement opportunities are endless PDF Print E-mail

By Jon Guttormsson

First off, I would like to thank each and every one of you that attended the recent Open House held last Friday afternoon. The Open House was held in honor of my retirement and to enable all of you to express your sympathy to my wife Barb, who will have to eventually put up with my hanging around the house more, and to Byron, as my successor. He needs all the sympathy that he can get, so pour it on.
The kind words that all of  you expressed were very much appreciated!


While on the subject of the Open House, many of you inquired just what I was going to do to keep busy. I really don’t think that will be a problem — with my ham radio hobby, messing with the computer, plus I really enjoy reading. In addition to all of that, Barb always has numerous projects, of which she at times needs a hand with.
For example, a couple of years ago I gave her a chain saw as a gift and it is quite a challenge to follow behind and pick up the branches. She loves that saw.
Another project that I have been considering doing, this one was suggested to me some time ago by our former “erstwhile” pharmacist, Harold Schwartz.
He mentioned that it would be quite an accomplishment

to be able to read bar codes, and now with my retirement, I may have time to “take on” that project.
I have always thought that it would be pretty neat to go into Finnegan’s Super Valu, grab an item off the shelf, and see in an instant just what the item would cost, it’s inventory number, how many of that particular item they have in stock, where it was manufactured, etc.
Wouldn’t that be neat? Imagine how impressed other customers in the aisles would be!
And, to carry the idea further, imagine the career opportunities. I can see a job just over the horizion, maybe at our local college, teaching a class in 101 Elementary Bar Code Reading.
The opportunities and possibilities are just endless!