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Tom Nomeland                                                     tomhomeland

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Tom Nomeland admits the Bethel Fellowship Church is sometimes misunderstood in the community.
“But what’s really been interesting is we’ve had some many people willing to do something just to help us on this,” he said about construction of the new building on Highway 68.
“A man came in, leveled our dirt for us, and another man carved a cross for us and said maybe we could put this some place. We’ve had Catholics, Lutherans and others from the community who just want to help,” Nomeland said.
Without a denomination, Bethel Fellowship has discovered it’s hard for others to put a label on their church.
“If we were the First Baptist, people would know what pidgeon hole to put us in,” he said, “But being just Bethel Fellowship, that’s the negative side.”
It’s been hard for the Minneota community not to notice Bethel Fellowship in recent months.
They began erecting a large church building on Hwy. 68, right next door to their much smaller, current church building.
Nomeland figures, “This is the first new building on highway 68 since our old building was built and that’s been since 1973,” he said.
“We’re excited and we appreciate some of the enthusiasm we’re getting from the community. There’s been a lot of excitement, a lot of encouragement. We see it all over the place and that’s encouraging to us.”

(Complete story and more photos are in the August 19, 2009 Mascot).