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By Byron Higgin, Mascot Website Publisher

How Favre can he go?

favreThe addition of Brett Favre to the roster of the Minnesota Vikings has given arm chair quarterbacks across the state — and across the state of Wisconsin as well — something to ponder?

Is he real? Or is he Memorex?

My roots in Wisconsin taught me one thing.

"Packer fans aren't going to like this one little bit?

Packer vs. Viking games will take on a whole new meaning. Do you think a Packer defensive lineman is going to lick his chops over the idea of hitting their "ole buddy" as hard as they can?

You'd better believe it.

It may take more than a couple of 400-pound tackles to keep relentless, revenge-starved Packer tacklers off Mr. Favre's back.

All of that may be coincidental to two other overriding factors.

1.  The signing of Brett Favre by the Minnesota Vikings assures the team of sellouts, no blackouts and a tidy little sum in the bank account.

2. It means a tremendous "circus" atmosphere will follow the team every where they go.

It will become a three-ring circus when the Favre-led Vikings play the Cheese boys from Green Bay.

By the way, when I went to Wisconsin originally, an avid Packer fan told me, "I have two favorite teams. The Packers, and whoever plays the Vikings."

Today, those Packer fans have a new reason to hate the Vikings. "That old guy, who wants him anyway?" one fan told me.

Don't believe it. Deep inside they are in turmoil.

So what's the bottom line?

Here it is.

1.  Favre will use all the other talent on the Vikings squad and lead the team to the Super Bowl.

2.  He'll crumble and fall mid-way through the season, or earlier. So that backup named "Sage", or "Tavaris" or "John David", whichever he may be, should be ready to go.

This is not a time for the backups to feel slighted. It's a time to be ready to go, because there's a good chance the $12 million boy could crumble, fast.

So there you have it.

Welcome to Minnesota Brett Favre!