They ride to help others PDF Print E-mail

By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher
They came in record numbers, about 316 of them. They came to ride and they came to remember.
Motorcyclist Eric Buysse of Minneota said it was a most beautiful day on Saturday. “It started a little cool, then it was beautiful all day,” said Buysse.
He was part of the 8th Annual Minneota Memorial Run that didn’t just bring the bikers to town, but brought  remembrance of those who have gone ahead, money to a worthy cause and in the evening  provided entertainment for the community.
“We remember those who couldn’t ride and went on to an early death,” said Minneota Mayor Paul Larson.
He read a list of names from a memorial plaque that hangs at village hall. “This is in memory of lost friends and loved ones,” said the mayor.
It was also a fundraiser for the Evan Carrow Fund in partnership with the Weiner Memorial Foundation of Marshall.
Evan, who suffered from depression, died at his own hand. Saturday, his parents, Dan and Shannon Carrow were in Minneota to honor his memory and help raise awareness to fight teen suicide and depression.
Sheila Bretschneider, whose father-in-law Tom was the motivation for the start of the run 15 years ago, told visitors this was the largest turnout in the eighth year of the run.
A horde of motorcycles gathered about 1 p.m. in Minneota, then took off on an all-day run that went as far as Apol’s Harley Davidson in Raymond, as well as other places, said Buysse.