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By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor  

“There’s a lot of devastation there yet. There are still 15,000 families without homes. If it wasn’t for all the volunteers who have come in to help, there would be no hope.”
Judy Drown of Minneota knows about Hurricane Katrina. As one of the chaperones for five Hope Lutheran Youth she saw “hope renewed” as ELCA National Youth gathered in New Orleans this summer  for what became life-changing experiences.
With the messages of Jesus, the Justice of working with the people, and the Jazz in church services, the group came home filled with the power of hope.
Nicole Prellwitz, Molly Strandmark, Jason Vick, Michael Heaton, and Brandon Prellwitz were Hope’s visitors to the Gathering, while Rob and Brenda Prellwitz and Drown were the chaperones.

The group was part of 11,000 kids who came to learn about Christ, to help the residents and to learn more about their world.


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