Teaching an old dog new tricks PDF Print E-mail

By Gayle VanVooren

So, how did you like to see the Mascot with some “color” last week? Was it a bit of a surprise? A welcome addition to our newspaper?  
To say things have changed around this office would be putting it VERY mildly
. We have been hit by a tornado and are still in the twirling stages.
There have been so many changes, and I am still trying to get my bearings with all of them.
We are so fortunate to have Byron Higgin in our midst. He has the experience in photography and journalism that I now wish that I had.
But lucky for me — he’s teaching me “new tricks” as we work on each issue of the paper. I can hear you....you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!!
The one big thing that separates us is that he can “see” a story while I’m just taking down the facts.
These are two very different things, and I am learning to look deeper, to find the story that is tucked into each event that we cover.
Maybe it’s my Secretarial training — in keeping accurate accounts rather than finding the rest of the story. But I am learning.
It’s been wonderful hearing all of the positive comments from our readers. While visiting with Jon one afternoon, I asked him if he minded all this adulation over the new format, stories, etc. Without missing a beat, he said, “No, it was time for a change. I’m just delighted.”


The newspaper office is now open every day from 9 to 4:30, and we try to have someone in the office over the noon hour, as well.
It’s important to be here when you, our customers, want to bring in an ad, pay a bill, pick up a subscription, or just talk about an issue. So stop in any time.
I found out the other day that my new boss does get tired...and I was so glad to hear that.
He has been racing around talking to advertisers, working on stories, trying to meet all the new faces, and putting stories on our website, seemingly all at the same time.
He took a night off just to rest, and that was comforting to hear.
With fall athletics starting last week, school opening right after Labor Day, and Boxelder Bug Days the next weekend, we certainly have our work cut out for us. Let’s hope we can cover all the stories — for there are bound to be some good ones along the way.
Along with Jon, I am very happy that this newspaper is continuing.
When Jon first  put the paper on the market, there was a flutter of activity and then everything really quieted down.
We had many talks about the “possibilities” and he was willing to keep the doors open until a buyer came on the scene.     
The door has been opened wide, and we are all enjoying the new, diverse newspaper that is hitting the stand each week.
We hope you are enjoying it and are telling your friends and neighbors about this little newspaper out in Southwest Minnesota.
Check out the website at wwwminneota mascot.com where items of interest will be placed in a timely fashion.
We will try to keep you informed!