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Skeleton guy rode into Minneota for the Memorial Run.

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

The Minneota Memorial Run on Saturday brought over 300 riders to the community. They made a powerful statement when they left for the afternoon run. (Left), two bikers paused behind Bubba’s Bar after the run. One of the events was the “Burnout,” as bikers tried to burn out a tire and “pop it.” The biker (top, right) did not succeed but made lots of smoke. Sam Drown of Marshall, a Minneota native, celebrated (right) amidst the smoke as he won the title.

Bikes were every where and here they lined Minneota’s Main Street on Hwy. 68.

Lots of food, including burgers, dogs and brats were serves up by C. J’s Bar and Grill. A long line waited for their food as servers were surrounded by smoke. The food was cooked up right on the spot.