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FROM MY BACKYARDshaybuysseelake

By Byron Higgin, Publisher

Put a camera in some people’s hands they suddenly discover they want to report the news.
Such seems to be the case  of 15-year-old Shay Buysse of rural Minneota.
The young lady is a Westerheim 4-H Club member and she’s taken the camera seriously with entries in the county fair.
Well last week Shay Buysse’s parents’ farm was suddenly surrounded by water and many of the roads they use were being flooded by the sudden outburts of “Water-Water-Everywhere!” (See photo above taken by Shay Buysse).
Her parents, Caren and Curt Buysse (of Buysse Construction), encouraged her to use her camera and get involved in the sudden water story.
So she took to the roads, bridges and fields to see what was happening.
She came through with flying colors on several other photos as well.
One of her photos shows power line workers fixing a line over a swollen water area on 170th Ave. southwest of Minneota.

All that water didn’t make it easy for the workers to get to the problem. Shay found places all over the area with fields filled with water,  bridges that were in trouble and power lines that needed fixing.
She even found a school bus that had to stop and take a different route because of water on the bridge.
It wasn’t long after the bus took the country gravel road that that road, too, was filled with water and was no longer passable.
Shay Buysse, you did a good jo of reporting. As good as any we did. Keep up the good work.

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THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:  As my ole Pappy used to say, “You don’t have to be faster than the bear when you’re being chased by one. Just faster than the guy you’re with.” Ole Pappy had a strange sense of humor.