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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

This is certainly a community with a big heart.
That caring attitude was very evident in the recent benefit held for Cory and Missy Magnuson and their baby, Jori Ann.
There were so many people helping with this fundraiser for the Magnuson’s. Family and friends stepped forward at a time when this young family truly needs the support.
Little Jori Ann was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a disease of which there is no cure. She is less than a year old and has had her share of struggles.

Jori Ann has been at home with the help of her Mom and Dad, Missy and Cory, and a grandmother who has been able to stay with them. Other family members come and go as needed to give valuable daily support and help.
A fundraiser was held on Sunday, and area people flocked into the American Legion Building — for the food, to bid on hundreds of silent auction items, to talk with the Magnuson’s, and to simply show they cared.
What was such a heartache was to learn that Jori Ann was rushed back to the Sioux Falls hospital the night before. The little one was very sick with pneumonia and was hospitalized immediately.
Grandpa Jim stayed with her while parents came back for the fundraiser, for it was important for them to be on hand to welcome all their family and friends.
As this fundraiser progressed, it was impossible to tell if everyone even knew the family. It simply didn’t matter — they were there to share their care and concern for this young family.
Two more fundraisers are on the horizon for people who are battling cancer. Again, we hope that people take time to show their support. These are the times that are so important in everyone’s life.
How do you show you care?
Perhaps you send cards, send an e-mail, stop off with some food to help the family, or simply say a few prayers. Each is welcome, each is needed, in this hard struggle so many are faced with.
And do not forget to say thanks — for the opportunity to serve, for the goodness of family and friends, and for the fact that you are healthy and able to step forward.
No one knows what is ahead for each of us — so it is important to help others now while we can. Your caring attitude will not be forgotten.