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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editorgaylevanvooren

Spring is here, and everyone is looking forward to being outside more.
I notice folks out using our walking trail more often as the weather has improved and it just helps everyone feel better as they enjoy the fresh air.
There’s always one problem that bothers me when spring hits. And that’s the possibility of dogs on the loose.

We have a leash law in our town and most people are abiding by that law. But, once in awhile, a dog gets loose and starts to wander.Usually, those dogs aren’t going to bother anyone. They are out smelling new scents, looking for a new place to leave their presents, and are waaaay too busy to bother walking folks.
But there are dogs that are protective of their property, mad about being on a leash, and just plain nasty. Those are the ones I worry about.

An incident in Marshall last week brought all of this to mind. Two bulldogs attacked a third dog and hurt it so badly it had to be euthanized.
The owners of both dogs also got involved, trying to intervene, and they were also injured. This can happen any time, any place, and it could easily be a child who gets injured.
My own small dog gets chippy when she’s got food near her, and I respect the noises she makes at that time. And I am really on guard when the grandchildren are visiting.
Our dog has gotten older, more set in her ways, and now needs to be treated differently. We see the aging process taking place, and it’s not so much fun.
We, as pet owners, need to take a closer look at our animals to be sure they are not going to bother the general public. While we think our pets are “the best”, not everyone has that same feeling.
Large dogs trying to get off their leashes in their yards to chase a walker is not a good thing. What if that leash breaks — will the walker have a chance to get away?
All of us have to be smart about having a pet and about being responsible for that pet. Take a good look at your own situation and be proactive about good pet care.
Pets bring a lot of joy to a household, simply because they are so accepting. But be sure they are a joy to all.
Scott Josephson shared a good story with me this week. He asked, “Who loves you more — your husband or your dog? After my “I don’t know” answer he shared this observation.
A wife put her husband and her dog in the trunk of the car and drove around town for a couple hours. Upon opening the trunk, which one do you think was glad to see her?
Wise man, that Scott Josephson.