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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

gaylevanvoorenI had the luxury of visiting with my sister last weekend. She is one busy lady and our paths don’t cross often enough.
JaNeil, a full 11 years younger than me, is the Dietary Manager of the Good Samaritan Village in Pipestone. She’s also the co-owner of the Tuphat Girls Catering — you know, a job to do in her ‘spare’ time.
She was a principal player in the recent ‘Tour of Tables’ held in Pipestone, which was a fundraiser for Good Sam.
She knew I would enjoy it, so I was invited as a special guest. It turned out to be a very enjoyable day.
Since Mom lives there, I left a little early and visited with her before the event. Heck, I even tried to talk her into going along with me.

But at the tender age of 92, Mom decided she would be better off hearing about it later.

The Tour of Tables was held in the Roman Catholic church hall, consisting of 29 tables decorated beautifully.
Each table had a theme, from Dr. Seuss, to Tee Time, to The Animals are Coming, to Golden Memories.
For anyone who likes to set a nice table, this was pure enjoyment. The color combinations, the dishes that sparkled, and the centerpieces that coordinated with the story of the table were so very clever.
The crowd of over 200 ladies, and a few men, took their time to look at all the tables, and then were seated before the dinner began.
Oh yes, everyone actually ate at these regal tables, although the food was served on disposable dinnerware that was placed over the table setting.
Also to keep everyone occupied, long tables of silent auction items enticed bidders to write their names for fine prizes.
Five ladies from Flandrea, SD, added their voices to the day for entertainment before and after dinner, sharing a variety of music.
The dinner, which my sister was in charge of, consisted of a fine cheese soup served in homemade bread bowls, a side salad, and a delicate chocolate/peanut butter mousse.
A mistress of ceremonies kept the program moving along, and everyone had a great time in this Spring event.  
What a fun spring outing. The ladies enjoyed the chance to get a little “gussied up”, visit with friends, enjoy a different luncheon, and raise funds for Good Sam at the same time.
And to think, my kid sister had a big hand in it all. Sure makes a gal proud.
Hmm...is this an event that would work in Minneota? Give me a call if you want more details.