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From My Backyard

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

byronhigginCathy Josephson isn’t just one of those Minneotan’s who claims to be an Icelander. She is one.
Cathy lives in Iceland and is spending time in Minneota.
While here she stopped to tell me a little story about an adventure she had in her Icelandic community.
It appears a young lady named Ruth, a German student about 40 years old, was in Iceland visiting and she wanted to rent a room.
Somehow she got Cathy Josephson’s name and came to visit.
As they sat down for a visit, Cathy asked Ruth about her background and found out she’d been a foreign exchange student to America.
“Where were you located,” Cathy naturally asked.

“In Westbrook, MN,” Ruth said.
Cathy got caught up in that one and said, “Do you know Steve Kjorness? He was a teacher and coach in Westbrook.”
Ruth said she remembered Steve and Cathy said, ‘He’s from Minneota.”
It’s just another story about our small corner of the world and how it suddenly can become much bigger.
By-the-way, Cathy takes no responsibility for all that volcanic ash spewing from her Icelandic home.
“But there’s a lot of jokes going around about it,” she said.

Another scam in Minneota
The Mascot has been warning folks about potential scam artists and last week Mrs. Randy Bernardy of Minneota walked in with a scam story.
“Yesterday I got a phone call from a young man who said, ‘this is your favorite grandson,’ and I wasn’t sure what to say.
So she threw out a name and the voice on the other end confirmed that was who he was.
Before long the caller said he was in a bit of trouble from a drunken incident and he needed money and would she send some.
Well, she got scared, knew, “My grandsons would never have asked me for money.” And she hung up.
Later, she figured she told the man too much — but she did NOT give him money or access to any accounts.
Scam artists will stoop very low. They don’t care what they have to do because all they want is your money.
If you get a call like this, ask them a question only you and the person they say they are could possible know and you’ll know if this is the person they say they are.

Engineer heading to Afghanistan
On Tuesday engineer Trent Bruce of DeWild Grant Reckert and Associates was in Minneota to explain the bidding process for the new sewer project that will be in Minneota this summer.
Bruce, who has worked with Minneota officials for years, said when the hearing ended he was done with work for a year.
He’s being deployed to Afghanistan, where he will work as a public works director. His main job for the military will be to coordinate the sewer and water resources of an expanded base that will see more soldiers coming to Afghanistan as part of the buildup of troops by the United States.
After setting up the Minneota project, he’s on his way to another world.
‘I have a vested interest in this job and to Minneota,” he said. Bruce indicated he’d be kept abreast of the job through the Internet and would be available to relay advice if necessary.
“Minneota is one of my favorite places to work,” Bruce told the city council.

LAUGH A LITTLE: Ever see a bumper sticker that really  makes you think? How about this one:
The man driving behind the sticker passed the van with the bumper sticker to see the name on the side of the truck. It said, “Venetian Blind Company.”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: As my Ole Pappy used to say, “I don’t care how long you hang around, you’ll never see it all.”
Ole Pappy made sure I enjoyed what I had and not what I didn’t have. Ole Pappy was always making me think.