Good job planning, executing new street project PDF Print E-mail


By Byron Higgin
Mascot Publisher

Minneota will soon embark on a $2 million plus sewer and water project that will not only be a big improvement for the community but will cure some long, long overdue water problems.
It’s going to cost some money for taxpayers, no doubt. And the issue of whether or not to install updated lightpoles is still an undecided issue.
The community, especially Hwy. 68 and Jefferson Street, will be torn up most of the summer as the improvements are done.
The question here is, of-course, financial. Minneota can be glad to know a lot of the cost has been deferred away from taxpayers.

The county and state had to get involved because of the Highway 68 involvement.
In addition, the community has been fortunate to find some grant money to lower the cost.
The fact is, out of a $2.2 million project, the amount taxpayers will have to carry will be somewhere between $800,000 and $900,000.
Last week at a hearing to inform and listen to the public before construction begins, engineer Trent Bruce told residents the community should be happy to know City Administrator Dan Canton was able to find grant money to lower the cost of this project.
From what we’ve seen, the council and administrator have handled this project not only in a professional way, but have done everything they can to hold the cost down for residents.
We certainly will have to put up with the “the mess” this summer, but it’s a small price to pay for getting our long overdue sewer and water system updated.
The city council and administrator don’t always fare well when it comes to public comments, so this time, after doing a great job setting this project into motion, I’m taking the opportunity to say I’ve seen a large portion of the handling of this project and it appears to me the council and administrator have done a great job.
Big street projects are never fun for businesses, but the fact is, when you need something done, we’re willing to put up with things.
The council and administrator have done their job, now