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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Publisher

It’s ‘orange cone season’ right here in Minneota.
Pete and I visited family in Minneapolis last week, and we were prepared to face road construction. I think there’s some form of construction going on there year-round.
But that has not been the case in Minneota — until this year.
The really big equipment moved in last Tuesday on north Jefferson Street and made it down to the front of our office on Tuesday afternoon.
At times the building trembled with the force being used to remove the top layer of asphalt.  
It was done quickly and efficiently, with a smooth cover of sand left for motorists to travel over.

Of course, that won’t last too long, as more equipment comes in to dig further and find the sewer and water  lines for replacement.
I guess we’ll have to use a little patience while all this work is going on. We’ll be driving around some of these areas for most of the summer for we certainly don’t want to slow up the progress for the workers.
We have to look at the ‘big picture’, and realize that new  lines are a necessity. A little inconvenience now will help with possible breakdowns in the future.
Marshall also is in the midst of this ‘fifth season’ as they are working on Highways 59 and 23.
Plan on a little extra time when you travel through the area — but it’s not impossible to get around. You just have to get creative.  
Improvements take patience and build character. So — drive a little slower, watch for the workers, and be one of the good ‘characters’ in this community.   

Tell us your story
Each week we try to have stories about community members. We think it perks up the paper and gives it a more personal touch.
I’d like to give a big “thank you” to all of you who have

given me story ideas over the years. Without you, we would have no stories to tell.
You’d think that living here, working here, and being involved, we (who work in this office) would know just about everything going on.
But that’s far from the truth. Sometimes we are tending to our own business, and don’t hear the latest story.
It is really helpful to have a friendly face pop in the office and tell us of something happening — right now! We can’t always get there, but if we can, we’ll sure give it a try.
A couple weeks ago Rick Bot stopped in to tell us the house was moving that morning. When I asked when, he had no idea, but just thought I should know.
I was just lucky to find the house moving down the road a short time later — so we could share the experience with you. That’s not an everyday occurrence, and it was fun to cover.
But we can’t stop now.
There are still lots of stories to tell, sports to cover, and advertisements to bring us into the stores. And we count on you, our readers, to keep on telling us about it.
We like hearing ‘we read it in the Mascot’, or ‘keep up the good work’, as it’s what keeps us fired up.
So if you’ve got a story to tell, let us be your listening ear so we can share it with others.