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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

Okay, folks, it’s time to talk about our driving habits.
I had two near misses in the week before school was out, both of them on Monroe Street going to and from the high school.
That is a through street, except for the stop immediately near the school, and you shouldn’t have to be too concerned about the crossing traffic.
They have stop signs, after all.

On the first occasion, I was heading to the school to take a photo — I do this all the time, part of my routine.
All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I see a grey pickup heading across Monroe. The driver had completely  skipped the stop sign.
A screeching of tires, and adrenalin hitting the ceiling just seconds later, and we both were on our way again.
Yet, it was just inches from being a terrible accident.
I parked at the school and sat for a few seconds, allowing my heart rate to slow down.
Hmm, I can see how road rage comes into being.
If that driver would have stopped, I think I may have hurt him.
Then the second incident happened just one day later.
This time I was driving south from the school and head ing back to the office.
A car came flying around the corner from the east, failing to stop at the stop sign again.

They were at least in the other lane of traffic and did not cross into my line of traffic.
But, once again, a stop sign had been negated.
Folks, you have to slow down and come to a complete stop at each stop sign. IT IS THE LAW!!!
With summer about here, and kids hitting the streets on bikes, it is imperative that the drivers of vehicles obey the
traffic signs.
Yes, you may be in a hurry, but hitting another car or a child on a bike will make you wish you had done things differently.
Let’s all be better drivers out there — someone’s life may be depending on it!