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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

Okay, this past week we had a real problem at work. Our internet went out.
So, big deal, right? We can’t send a note out or get mail from friends.
Wrong! We were unable to retrieve ads, our computers would not send information back and forth and we were virtually not able to get our work done.
We have, in the past, talked about the possibility of internet problems and what we would do.
This writer had an anxiety attack while the boss was quite calm about it. He had worked around the problem somewhat and decided we would come out a day late — if we had to.

But we had been working on the graduation issue, and it was looking to be a good one, and I sure didn’t want us to have trouble that week of all weeks.
Our CenturyLink provider hit the problem early Monday  and we were back in business by mid-morning.
A catastrophe had been diverted.
I look at all the technology that we have available to us, and wonder what happens if there is a big failure — all over. It just makes me shudder.
We have become dependent on our computers, on cell phones, I-pods, and all the other gizmos on the market. How do we work around a failure?
This writer would throw up her hands and shout ‘hallelujah’! And then head down to the Minneota Public Library and pick up a good book.
They may not be able to enter the book into the computer, but they could write the name, author and date on a piece of paper so I could be on my way.
And then I could sit out in my yard with book in hand, and enjoy being mesmerized by the murder plot, by the love story, by the adventures in other lands. Anything is possible!
While the internet holds a wealth of information, it is sometimes good to get away from it for awhile, and dig into a good book.
Reading is on my daily diet.