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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

Cleaning out a couple drawers in my desk at the office this past week was a real awakening.
First I found a poetry book that Jon helped me print when I first started here.
When I was at home with my kids I would often sit down at night after a long day and write a few poems that reflected on our activities.
We only printed a few hundred of the little booklets, and there are only a handful left. The one thing we forgot to do with the booklets was date them — but they are now old.
Then I found a pile of photos tucked in an envelope. Oh, were they a treasure!

Jon was sitting at one of the old presses in the back room. The press looked as old as ever, but it was a very young Jon that was shown in the photo.
Wow, what a walk down memory lane!
Then there were the pictures of office staff over the years, and the changes here were very enlightening.
Where did all the extra facial lines, graying hair, and extra pounds come from? A completely different person looked at me from those old photos.
So now I am thinking of a diet, of dying my hair, and going to purchase some of those facial cremes that wipe all the years away.
Do you think that will work? I’m not sure.

Perhaps it’s better to think of all the good stuff that has
happened since I first worked here — the graduations of our kids from high school and then from college, their weddings, the grandchildren, and the fun of following you, the community, through these same events.
When I really think of changes I also think of all the changes in this town, with the people who have lived here, with those who have passed on, and the events that are sure to take place in the future.
How can we not change? Being stagnant would be so boring. And there are so many adventures ahead.
I’m going to think on this for awhile yet, and grab an apple instead of chips and dip.