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From My Front Windowbyronhiggin

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

'I’ve had the same name for my column for, oh, about 40 years.
But this week I changed it.
“It’s been, “From My Backyard.”
Just this week I realized here in Minneota I don’t have a back yard — but boy do I have a front window.
As the construction crews moved into our area on Jefferson Street, “The Front Window” of the Mascot became an extremely important place.

We watched the big machinery swing and miss our building time after time. We watched them bump and grind and we watched the men, like precision watches, control everything with levers and switches.
It’s quite a view I have from my Front window.
Our friend Ed VanDorpe (right), whom we lovingly called the Sidewalk Superintendent, also liked to watch the construction happening. But his spot inside The Roundup wasn’t so hot — so he moved his portable seat outside.
What he saw was similar to what we’re seeing — some real live construction, up close and personal.
By the way, we expect the sidewalk to be gone soon, so if you need to come to the Mascot, come in the back door.
We’ll lead you to the front for your business transactions.
Meanwhile, we’ll be watching from the front window and it’s quite a seat on the big happening in Minneota.

CONGRATULATIONS: A big congratulations to Adam Josephson, who was a  huge part of the National Greco and Freestyle wrestling championships won by Minnesota.
One of his coaches, Director Jim Moulsoff said of Josephson, “He beat a very tough kid from Pennsylvaia. Adam just keeps getting better and better. He’s a smart young man. He can make the adjustments in the match. He’s like your ideal athlete and he’s hard-nosed. He knows the situation all the time. What a performance.”
Also, congratulations to Christian Skillings for being named Outstanding Wrestler at the Concordia Camp in Moorhead a couple of weeks ago.

STRANGE BUT TRUE: I drove to Brookings, SD last Friday just to see the old university where I attended as a young man out of high school.
My goal was to see how much it’s changed in over 40 years.
Well, it’s changed all right. Couldn’t find most of the places I remember and they were still building more.
But it was fun to see the old school and the old town again.
Just as I was leaving campus and heading downtown I saw four kids”skipping,” as we did when we were kids. They were laughing and enjoying themselves.
At first I thought, “I think I know those kids.” As I got closer, I recognized the Cheadle kids from Minneota.
Can’t say I expected to see Minneota kids skipping down the street in Brookings. Ironic, heh?

LAUGH A LITTLE:  A fellow lived next door to neighbors who had a pet rabbit in a cage.
The neighbors went on vacation and shortly thereafter the man next door caught his own dog with the dead rabbit between its teeth. He was beside himself.
So he went to the rabbit’’s cage, washed it all out, cleaned up the rabbit and put it back in the cage, hoping his neighbors would just think it died.
When the neighbor came home he told the man, “You know, the strangest thing happened. Just before we left our rabbit died and we buried him in the back yard. And you know, we found him back in his cage. Can you believe that?

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: As Ole Pappy used to say, “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
I think Ole Pappy also said it was better to give than receive. Trouble is, I didn’t get all this until I was the same age he was when it told it to me.
Thanks Ole Pappy!