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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

It is truly “over the river and through the woods” right here in Minneota now that the water and sewer project is in full swing.
One really has to think about where they are going with all of the roads blocked off right now.
I wasn’t thinking the other day, and wound up going through some alleys that I doubt I had ever been in before.
But I was certainly glad they were there or I would have been turning around in the middle of the street.

It has been fascinating watching this crew do their job. They are proficient and make the roads very passable when their day’s work is done.
We all appreciate that.
When the digger was working outside our window last week, it was impossible not to stand and watch them for a bit.
That young operator got a scoop of the road, maneuvered it between another digger and a huge truck,  dumped the load, and returned to the road without ever slowing up.  
He was actually faster than the truck drivers — for he had time to eat a sandwich while waiting for another truck to return. He seemed so nonchalant about his work and yet was accurate and steady.
Our community will have an updated water and sewer

system when they are finished, but we will have to be on the alert while the work is being done.
Remember — these guys have a job to do and they have promised to get it done in a timely matter.
Be watchful of where, and how you are driving. The truck drivers are trying to keep up with Northdale Construction and may not be aware of your presence.
Don’t get in there way while the work is going on. Watch from a distance and try walking to get your mail, etc.
We can do this, Minneota. For all the work and turmoil will mean a better system down the road.
That ‘down the road’ may get to be a little tricky before this phase of the work is done — so just hang in there!