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By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

Minneota had a first and a second at the USA National Powerlifting Championships in California — and the two, Brad Gillingham and Craig Peterson did our community proud.
“Craig never misses a workout. He went to school two years of strength training, then a four year school. He’s heading the summer strength training at Minneota at the school,” said Gillingham about his protege’.
Gillingham developed the  system they use and says, “Craig’s plugging all the kids into it. He’s doing a great service for Minneota by giving back to his community.”
He added, “We did a seminar, Craig and I and another guy and he (Peterson) got more confidence in teaching lifting to others.”

While most of us will never understand the mind of a powerlifter, let’s suffice it to use Gillingham’s words. “It’s a good sport and it’s like any other sport and he’s (Peterson) very good at it. You get good rewards and you see him competing at a high level.”
He added, “The harder you work the more you improve. Craig is on the verge of making some World teams — junior world collegiate nationals and junior nationals. He was third or fourth to making the team — on the verge of making the national team.”
He said, “We had five that train with us at the national championship. Four champions John Krogman from Marshall, won two junior world championships. First year he lifted in open and won in 242-pound class.
“Nick Tylutki, St. Cloud Police Officer, traveled all over the world with me in 220-pound class and will go to world championships
“And, Tony Schwebach, Southwest State from Dell Rapids won teenage class,” Gillingham said.
A lot of guys help at the gym. My brother helps train us.
“A few younger guys from Minneota, Christian Skillings, Sam Derynck train with us.”
As for himself, Gillingham said, “In our sport  you’ve got to look down the road five years, for a long-term plan.
I work my tail off ... but it’s getting harder now than it was  10 years ago and I’m not seeing as many results.”
That dead lift keeps moving. Can’t let it go.
Gillingham was especially happy because his family and Peterson’s family all made the trip.
“His mom was awful nervous, because when you squat especially, you’re huffin’ and puffin’ and using your back.”
In November Gillingham and possibly Peterson will go to South Africa.
“I need some time off, which is good. You need some time off in a sport like mine. You don’t just jump back in. Got to let everything shape up and do more cardiovascular work. Then, start back in training,” Gillingham said.

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