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By Gayle VanVooren, Mascot Editor

It’s always fun to attend the small-town celebrations in our area. While you don’t know the people well, you can get some new ideas along the way.
Some of our family attended Farley Fest in Milbank, SD a few weeks ago. This festival is built around Lake Farley which is on the northwestern side of the town.
The lake is surrounded by wide grassy areas, a beach, and a park for kids to play in and another for events. It is in this area that most of the weekend’s fun was planned.
They had a “burnout” which I still don’t understand. Many cars and trucks were entered, and they raced their engines and thick smoke poured out from the tires. The one getting the most applause won a trophy.
It was well attended, people seemed to enjoy it and the tire dealers should have been standing in line ready to sell.

One of the events I really enjoyed was the Rib Fest. About 10 units were involved in making barbecued ribs, starting on Friday night for Saturday’s noon tasting.
Tickets were sold and you simply walked from one vendor to the next, tasting ribs, brisket or chicken. Some used rubs and some used sauces, and there wasn’t a bad batch in the mix.
The vendors were having fun, calling to each other, calling to the crowds, and begging for their vote. And at the end of the line, each had the privilege of voting for their favorite.
A tractor pull, car show, merchandise vendors, a spectacular fireworks show and a parade were also part of the weekend entertainment. The folks seemed to enjoy all of it.
One of the highlights for me was the concert put on by

Luke Bryan and his band. Scheduled for an out-door performance, they had to be moved inside because of the weather.
Bryan has made “Rain is a Good Thing” and “I Do” very popular on the country charts. He sure had those South Dakota folks tapping their toes and singing along.
Sitting outside of the building made it hard to see him, but the volume was just right! But before the concert ended, I had the chance to take a walk “up front” and got a whole different experience.
The thumping of the drums and bass guitar made my heart almost skip a beat, the intensity of the lighting brought the temperature up several degrees, but the sound of that young singer just gripped you.
The lady violinist danced between the musicians, the banjo player was great, and the guitars were in perfect balance. It was a great concert for a small town.
I’m very partial to Boxelder Bug Days, but Farley Fest sure was fun.