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By Gayle Vanvooren, Mascot Editor

The summer is flying by, and I feel like I’ve barely begun to do the things I’d planned.
But one thing I have done is read a lot of books. When the re-runs hit the TV and you are looking for some entertainment, then it’s time to pick up a good book.
I know I’ve written about reading books before, but it’s a trait that most people should take seriously. Reading helps to expand our horizons — when we can’t possibly get there any other way.
My youngest grandchild is now almost nine months old and she is already being immersed in books. She sits quietly and listens, helps to turn the pages, and I can’t help but think she’s getting a little something out of this quiet time.


Books for children are colorful, sometimes a little crazy, and give their minds something new to think about.
I think especially of the Dr. Seuss books and how zany they are. I read those books over and over to my boys “back in the day”.
The Minneota Public Library has helped to keep the interest alive through its weekly story hour program for the youngest kids in town.
Each week they push through the doors, find a seat on the rug, and wait to hear the stories of the day. Guest readers have given them a new focal point while our Librarian and helpers are there to give assistance.

But it is their choosing of books to take home that is so  special. They are very selective, and those treasures going  with them are very appreciated.
I always find it fun to be a “first” reader when a book comes in. Someone on the library board may have read the book, but checking it out for the first time is almost like charting new territory.
We are fortunate to have the Plum Creek Library System also at our disposal. If someone needs a special book, it comes very quickly through this service.
Get in touch with your Minneota Public Library. Check out a book, take a video home, check your genealogy through back issues of this newspaper,  look at magazines, or sit down and work on a computer.
It’s all there, right at the library.