Is it time for you to step forward? PDF Print E-mail


By Gayle VanVooren
Mascot Editor

This is a very important time in Minneota’s history.
It is time for people to step forward and assume some very significant roles in the city and in our school.
Filings open on Tuesday, August 3, for both the Minneota City Council and the District  No. 414 School Board. Both also close on Tuesday, August 17.
Is it time for you to step forward?
The Minneota City Council has four positions to fill. Included are the Mayor’s position for a two year term, which Tony Esping has filled out.

Esping, as well as Lyall Gislason, Tim Koppien and Terri Myhre (who filled a partial term) are seeing their terms come to a close.
Add in the naming of a new City Administrator, and the face of Minneota could change drastically.
The District School Board also has four positions to fill. The positions held by Larry Buysse, Dawn VanKeulen and Doug Spanton (who was appointed to fill the term vacated by Jason Myhre) are expiring.
And this year, a seventh person will fill out the board, all for four-year terms each.
For the longevity of the boards, it would be good if these same people filed for positions on their respective boards.
They are aware of the issues that are currently being faced in the city and the school, and their expertise and knowledge is valuable.
But that does not mean that other interested people should just sit back and wait.
If you have a vested interest in serving your city through the council or school board, it is now time to take the initiative and step up to the plate.
Your voice is needed, your views are important, and we need to see the workings of our city government and our school district to keep running smoothly.
Don’t just “assume” that someone else will do the work. It may be time to take your turn.
File early, take pride in the fact that you are willing to serve the people of this community. The pay is low, but the respect you garner is priceless.