Mudhens eliminated by Wilmont PDF Print E-mail

By Byron Higgin, Mascot Publisher

jason m home runWhen it was over and Wilmont had won their way into the playoff sectionals with an 11-1 win in eight innings, Minneota Mudhen first baseman Jason Myhre (right)  had a chance to laugh about nearly the only highlight of the night — his towering home run in the seventh inning.

"That's what happens when you close your eyes and swing as hard as you can," laughed Myhre.

Yes, there was something to laugh about despite the fact the Mudhens season ending one game short of the section tournament.

Wilmont will play Luverne for the top seed going into the sectionals.

"Their pitcher (Dustin Saufley) had 12 strikeouts against us, and he has a good sinker. The guys said they couldn't read the pitches," said Manager Greg Shaikoski.

It was shappy defense, three errors in the first two innings that opened the floodgates for Wilmont. After that, it was all Saufley — except, of-course for the brief moment when the guy they call "Pops," 35-year-old Jason Myhre, rose up and on his last at bat of the season hit the ball out of the ball park.

"How's that for a final at bat," Myhre smiled.

Minneota starter Danny Hennen didn't have good location in the early innings and as Shaikoski said, "He threw 74 pitches in three innings and he didn't have it."

Meanwhile, none of the Minneota pitchers could stop the torrid hitting of the Cardinals. They banged out 16 hits against four Mudhen hurlers. Tony Shaikoski, Tyson Sonnenburg and Justin Greenwood all followed Hennen to the mound and none escaped the onslaught from Wilmont.

Adam Diekman went 3-4 with three runs batted in; Joe Ahrens was 2-4 with two runs batted in; Nate Stoll went 3-4 with two runs batted in and Jay Scheidt was 2-4 with three runs scored as the Cardinals made a hayday out of Minneota pitching.

For the Mudhens, who got just seven hits off Saufly, Myhre had a double and home run; third baseman Jesus Macias had a good night, goinbg 2-3 and nobody else had more than one hit.

"Myhre hit the ball excellent tonight," Shaikoski said about his first baseman.

"He had a good year, he did a good job, he's a good athlete," the coach said.